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12 Awesome Articles that Blew Up on the Internet


How does an article go from being just another post on a blog to a web-wide sensation overnight? I would argue that at their core most of these strike the right blend of fascinating, novel and mainstream: they are compelling enough to grab your attention, strange enough that they present new information and yet of general enough interest to have a broad appeal to many people who frequent the world wide interwebs. Here are 12 great examples that illustrate these principles in more ways than one and are incredibly entertaining to boot!


LifeHackery’s 99 Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Objects another great ‘themed’ post built around items that everyone has in their home – what better way to draw readers immediately than to point out that boring old objects laying around might have strange secondary uses? Some of the particularly clever/innovative ones come complete with pictures which provide a great initial boost to the article.
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7 Degrees of Blogging Separation

No one likes it when people steal an idea and republish it. In the world of blogging, a’via’ link at the bottom of a post has become the norm for crediting sources. However, this phenomena is getting way out of control and many people link to the latest source in a long chain rather than the original. I found out first hand just how bad things had gotten when I started trying to track the actual source of an article today, only to be plunged into a seemingly endless list of links.


It all started with a blurb on EcoGeek about a 007 Solar Pen Camera spying device. I wanted to submit the link to Digg then noticed their blurb was via TreeHugger, which in turn added two new links: ChinaVision and Dvice. The latter link traced to UberGizmo, which linked to UberReview that in turn linked to 7Gadgets (an appropriate 7th link in the ongoing chain). Most of these sites didn’t link to the ChinaVision (original) site, and only one linked to 7Gadgets where this information apparently first hit the blogosphere.

The fact that this last source didn’t link another source doesn’t even mean, of course, that it is the last source in the chain. Maybe this is just where the chain got broken because one author didn’t cite his source. So where did this come from? Which one should you link to or submit to Digg? Who knows. What does this mean for the blogosphere? Is it natural and healthy sourcing or a sign of things getting out of control?

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SitePoint Auctions: An Excellent Source of Unintentional Web Humor

I found this thread overall fairly hilarious, but I’ll excerpt the best bits for you:

Description Includes:

Established blog with prime keywords that appear on major search engines. First page of Google, Yahoo and MSN for the keyword make money and how to make money.”

I was skeptical, checked, and he’s not on there … others were too, criticized him, and he responded:

I am still on #1 page on Yahoo, MSN and Google. If you don’t see it, maybe you just need to look for the word Make$ Money$

Someone then responded to him:

Very good point. I am on page one on google for the term:


Desperate for Cash? At Least You’re Not These Guys!

Man … over at DigitalPoint people are clamoring over fifty cents. How freaking weird is that? Here’s the link … it’s pretty hilarious but kind of sad. At the other extreme, the Digg effect supposedly cost DigitalPoint $100,000 … I find that rather hard to believe.

Top 10 Links to the Best Links Online

Consider this the link list to end all linklists – a meta-list of the best link lists I’ve found on the web! Bookmark this page for future reference, or simply click through to the next big thing. The web is endless! Enjoy!

(10) A classic favorite, Fark is undoubtedly the best source on the web for strange, weird and funny news. This is a site full of sarcasm and stupid puns, be warned!

 (9) At SeeHere expect to see something like what you’re seeing, well, here! In short: the links are short but sweet, and there are nicely categorized/grouped sites.

 (8) Want a broader variety of web-buzz? Stumbleupon always provides interesting and offbeat sites voted by users in all kinds of categories.

(7) Ebaumsworld has always been a scandalous site, surrounded by controversy over stolen content, but at the end of the day they still show users wacky videos and fascinating links.

(6) Everyone knows, right? Well, if you don’t, it’s probably the biggest social news site on the web – but it varies from offbeat news to too much tech. Just so you know what you’re getting into!

(5) OK, so, I don’t even know what language this site is in (.hr? anyone?), but they keep linking to me, so I figure they get an honorable foriegn language site mention.

(4) Even though the content is a bit immature and/or scandalous, I suppose it wouldn’t be fair to compile a list of popular linkdumps without mentioning

(3) WebUrbanist has a great category for cool images of all kinds which is worth checking back in on every few days – not updated constantly, but quality is better than quality, right?

(2) Never forget the good old WallStreetFighter, who posts top 10 lists all the time – and old ones can always be found in his archives at any time!

(1) You guessed it – All Sux dot Com is the best site on the web for awesome link lists. This was in NO way biased by the fact that you are currently on All Sux dot Com …

Sorry I’ve Been Lazy

I’ve been a little lazy about updating, so instead of quickly trying to compile some great links or random images I let YouTube do the work for me. Enjoy!

The First AllSux Link List with Just One Link

OK, so I have found some great links, but I think that sharing them all alongside this link would be unfair to this link. This link is, in fact, an amazing link. OK, I’ll admit it, my high opinion of this link is probably colored by the fact that I just moved to a cheaper apartment surrounded by crackheads and crack dealers. No, not kidding.

Make no mistake, I have no real problem with them – they laugh and play out in front, dealing crack and causing no real harm except some occassional pee on the stoop. To be honest, the crachheads/dealers are pretty entertaining all in all. Perhaps that’s why I found this link so incredibly, gut-wrenchingly, hilariously entertaining. Here it is.

Enjoy that? Well, you can always find more at the Best of Craigslist. No, this isn’t a sponsored post, Craigslist is free you @#$%ing idiot!

I love my readers too much for that stuff!

This Week on the Interwebs: Top 10 Links

(10) I really should have guessed that you can fix a scratched CD with a banana.

(9) Bear with the poor video quality, because these are some actually transforming Transformers costumes in action.

(8) A decade is a long time on the interwebs, but one of the first bloggers down under is still going strong with a one-word URL for extra style points!

(7) At the longer end of the style, class and URL length spectrum, who would have thought someone would successfully register a site named ‘Hot Chicks With Douchebags‘ and be successful with it?

(6) Sad but true: many gifted students are just ordinary.

(5) These are some strange looking animals.

(4) Here are 20 science myths you probably will kick yourself about after reading them.

 And this is why you shouldn’t try to win $1 million with a stolen credit card.

(3) How about a top secret link to the most expensive stuff selling on ebay instead?

(2) Before you go, check out these people who can lift islands and light their cigarettes off of the sun.

(1) And don’t forget to see the heated debate around convertible, portable and inflatable homeless shelters.

Unlucky 13: Worst Spam Comments Ever

Have you ever thought to yourself: wow, the spam comments on my blog are some of the funniest stuff online?!?! Well I have. For some time now I’ve been collecting the dumbest, funniest and generally most entertaining spam I receive and saving it. Please enjoy the following ranked spam comments, in order of stupidity, with customized headline introductions by yours truly:Â

(13) The Speed-Freak Drug Spammer:

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(12) The Friendly Psycho Loan Spammer:

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