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Unlucky 13: Worst Spam Comments Ever

Have you ever thought to yourself: wow, the spam comments on my blog are some of the funniest stuff online?!?! Well I have. For some time now I’ve been collecting the dumbest, funniest and generally most entertaining spam I receive and saving it. Please enjoy the following ranked spam comments, in order of stupidity, with customized headline introductions by yours truly:Â

(13) The Speed-Freak Drug Spammer:

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(12) The Friendly Psycho Loan Spammer:

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(11) The Dyslexic Schizoid Porn Spammer:

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(10) The Taco-Loving Lesbian Spammer:

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(9) The Friendly Ex-Lawyer Spammer:

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(8) The Crazy Constipated Med-Spammer:

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(7) The Cancer-Man Stutter-Spammer:

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(6) The Table-Lamp-Table-Lamp Link Spammer:

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(5) The Intensely Agitated Salesman Spammer:

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(4) The Spammer who at Least Knew the Name of the Site:

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(3) The Freakish Fertility-Drug Spammer:


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(2) The Ballsy Recipricol Link-Asking Spammer:


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(1) The Classic Overzealous Porn Spammer:

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