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Some Places You Might Rather Be

It’s springtime and travel is in the air … for those of us not tied down to fast-paced jobs that is. Well, if you can travel these might give you some ideas of places to visit – and if you can’t at least you can dream! If you do travel though be sure you don’t fly with these pilots.

Not all travel has to be out-of-country to be exotic. Here are some great travel ideas for seeing the United States in ways that you might not normally think of.

Here are some amazing abandoned buildings in Europe that are well worth a visit – and most of them are far less vandalized and much older than comparable abandonments in the United States.

If you’re into something really offbeat, you could always check out these theme parks. Alright, maybe you’d rather go on a more traditional kind of trip. Want to hit the beach? Here are ten of them to choose from.

Strange Animals, Ecological Design and Free Travel

Planning a trip? Here are some awesome resources for free travel.

Have you ever wanted to own your own Flintstone’s car?

Here are 100 great Photoshop tutorials.

It’s only been a month and already 2008 seems to be the Year of the Strange Animals

The answer to life, the universe, everything and why not to like George W Bush is of course fourty two.

Pirates, Canned Cheeseburgers and Terrorists

The Pirate Bay team is facing a variety of charges, but vows to keep the site alive no matter what.

So what is it really like to have a canned cheeseburger?

You kind of have to wonder if Osama isn’t winning this war, since his goal was (in case you forgot) to bankrupt the United States.

What kind of world do we live in where the city sues you for being environmentally friendly.

The Soviet Union may be gone, but many amazing ruins remain.

Snow vs. Train – Who Will Win?! – Watch more free videos

The Most Viewed Video Ever on YouTube

You know, I’m not sure what I would have guessed if someone had asked me what I thought the most viewed video ever on YouTube was going to be. However, this certainly wouldn’t have been it. The Evolution of Dance is funny, yes, but … I’m not sure if I would have stuck it out long enough to be entertained if I hadn’t known ahead of time it was the most watched thing on YouTube, ever:

Crackheads on Halloween – No, For Real!

OK, so, while my housemates went out Christmas caroling as zombies (fairly hilarious!) I stayed at home to take care of some stuff and hand out candy. Well, exactly one person came to the door while I was home. Yes, as the headline suggests, it was a crackhead. A young guy in his early twenties wearing dark pants and a hoody (with the hood up) came up with a nondescript paper grocery bag. He said “trick or sweet” which made, of course, no sense. I was a little worried to turn my back on the door and grab the bag of Jolly Ranchers but I figured if I was going to die it might as well be under strange circumstances. Anyway, I threw in a handful, fairly speachless, and bid him a good evening. I wonder how many other people in the neighborhood he confused and entertained.

Heading to DC (and Amending my Blog Posts)

No, the above things aren’t actually related. Anyway, heading to DC for a bit of a break and such. Big deadlines coming up, stress building, etc… of course now I find out I might also have to do some work while there to stay caught up! Such is life. Rant. It may be time for another rant soon. Meanwhile, happy Wednesday!

Apple Should Really Pay Digg for All This iPhone Advertising

I was just looking on for, well, interesting stuff, news, pics, the usual, and I couldn’t believe how many iPhone-related stories were on the front page. First of all, there were, at the time, 5 iPhone stories in a row that had just hit the front page. Five? I thought (perhaps incorrectly) that Digg had some kind of system for keeping similar stories or stories from the same category from all front-paging at once.


Then I noticed that 6 of the 10 hottest stories on all of Digg were related to the iPhone. Is this really necessary? Isn’t there some Apple blog or something where people who actually care can go read about their precious iPhones? I mean sure, it’s an interesting device, and I’m game to hear updates about it occassionally even if I can’t afford one. Still, I don’t need to see it plastered all over one of the social media sites I frequent. /rant


My Internet Stalker is Still Following Me

Well, OK, to be fair, I should have just started ignoring his emails – but they were just too funny! Backstory for those just tuning in: some guy stole some content off a site I write for, pasted it word-for-word and image-for-image on his own site, then turned (in my opinion) psychotically beligerent when I asked him politely to remove the illegally copied content from his site, and directed him to relevant copyright laws.

Now he is threatening to call the police for harassment, his lawyer for defamation, and the FBI for threatening him. He also wants to contact my hosting provider to get this site suspended and Google to delete the (for-spam-use-only) email address I gave him to conact me at. For all I know he plans to call my mother and explain to her that I’ve been a very bad boy.

Anyway, I’ve made an executive decision to stop contacting him. Eventually he started to annoy me to the point where I started to use excessive strong language – which I took to mean his apparent psychosis was rubbing off on me. Also, his last letter included a vague by somewhat disturbing threat that could be interpreted to mean I might end up as another blood-spattered patch on the pavement and front-pager of a local news story.

So, this is probably the last I will write of my internet stalker. It’s been entertaining at times, strange at others, but it just goes to show you: some people really really need to get out more.

UPDATE: he has reported me to GMail and forwarded his complaint :)

UPDATE: he is writing to various sites I have submitted content to and ranting and raving about me. It’s pretty funny, cuz he’s calling me an internet stalker, saying I’m harassing/threatening him and such, but he’s the one contacting everyone he can think of to trash me lolz. I feel like I’m back in 8th grade :(

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