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Archive for March, 2007 Administrators Ban Victim of Plagiarism

Whoowee! The story gets even better. You might expect that if they received a report of a violation of their own TOS, administrators might ban the violator. Well, in this case, they banned the victim of the violation. On the other hand, it appears that this isn’t the first time.


After I made a number of comments on Digg about my stolen site content, and even submitted a letter of complaint to Digg reminding them of their own stance against plagiarism, administrators saw fit to suspend my Digg account for ‘misuse.’ So, not only have they *not* punished the plagiarist, they’ve now gone so far as to censure the victim of that plagiarism for speaking out about it. In a strange twist, the administrators of the site where the content in question was displayed actually allowed me to post a comment about my concerns. The full story is below in the two following posts.

Allsux Site Content Stolen by Consumerist

Wow, I don’t know whether to be flattered or frustrated – probably should be some combination of the two. After I made my last post I put it up on to see if anyone would find it entertaining and comment on it. But, sure enough, someone posted a version of my previous blog post on their blog. To add insult to injury, they didn’t even pick a different destination for their Google Maps directions search. And worst of all, they already have almost a thousand Diggs and the number seems to grow by a few HUNDRED Diggs every time I check the site. So here is your call to action: UNdigg that story and Digg mine instead.

Republicans Rearranging Deck Chairs on the Titanic

bushmeetblaire2.jpg� � � bushblair3-copy.jpg

With even president Bush admitting that climate change is a sure thing, and the new scrambling for Arctic waterways and other related goods,� the� world’s oceans seem indeed to be the new frontier.� Thank you, Republican leadership! And to all of the rest of you: happy swimming :( Meanwhile, I’m curious to see how well Obama and Clinton will tread water in the coming years :)

everything sux

To bring ya’ll up to speed, I just got back from Mazatlan Mexico. And got myself some new web hosting and have been beefing up on my web design and marketing skills. I’m learning the ropes, here, and pushing my boundaries, though, as you can see, I’m risking my immortal imaginary soul. I still sux, though, and could use some comments. I’m working on my thesis … it’s on Burning Man, nomadic (often termed ‘homeless’) people living under the West Seattle Bridge, fire performers, fired-earth construction, unemployed industrial workers and god knows what else. Stay tuned for more developments in a few months … by then my bastard brainchild will have emerged to conquer the West Coast and all its hapless hippies (arguably, i suppose, including me). Well, at least I have damned good life insurance.

cruelty to animals sux

here, do some good in a world full of sux – Welcome to WSPA

w00t. but, to be fair and cancel that out, here is something that sux. on that note, i’m leaving town – i expect lots of comments to be awaiting moderation, so comment away! i also expect more links to my page … moreeeeeee!!!

 NOTE: upon returning a week later i found that none of the comments posted suxed enough to allow onto the page … try harder damnit!

why blogs suck

i think this rant about blogging about sums it up. and then read a blog ironically blogging about the same kind of issues this guy is critiquing bloggers for blogging about (whew that’s a mouthful). and if you’re convinced, you can buy the t-shirt that says so but it’s a bit pricey to be honest.

w00t Technorati Sucks

View my Technorati Profile or just …

Add to Technorati Favorites

Meanwhile, I’m kicking butt on some search engines … #1 for ‘allsux’ and ‘new sux’ and of course ‘all new sux’ on Google … though i’ll be damned: on Ask my friend’s website that links to me comes up first for ‘allsux’. Though if you think that means Ask is less biased and more honest and open in their methods, check out the 6th page down if you search for ‘new sux’

YouTube Sucks

well, i searched for things that suck on youtube, and perhaps unsurprisingly the first thing to come up with a long boring WWF video. another good one came up about how indie sux, but the comments and responses seem to suggest that in fact the band claiming indie sux actually sux more which i’m inclined to agree with. i think this video sux a lot too, but i did get a kick out of the intentionally misleading search terms that preface it. but of course, and this is a classic, we all know mac sux.

firefox sux, ie rox? or the other way around?

NOTE: the following post is now ridiculously out of date – thanks for not ready it or whatever.

well, all of our heated discussions of google or not-google aside in terms of web marketing, i think that this page does a good job of introducing people to the basics of web design and marketing without pretending not to be advertising products.� still, the page really starts to get funny if you play around with viewing it first with internet explorer and then with mozilla firefox. as a fun test, try to go from the main page (web design 101) to the ‘hidden page’ without first going to any of the named pages along the top bar … it is tricky but can be done, but not from internet explorer. allsux :P

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