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Top 10 Links to the Best Links Online

Consider this the link list to end all linklists – a meta-list of the best link lists I’ve found on the web! Bookmark this page for future reference, or simply click through to the next big thing. The web is endless! Enjoy!

(10) A classic favorite, Fark is undoubtedly the best source on the web for strange, weird and funny news. This is a site full of sarcasm and stupid puns, be warned!

 (9) At SeeHere expect to see something like what you’re seeing, well, here! In short: the links are short but sweet, and there are nicely categorized/grouped sites.

 (8) Want a broader variety of web-buzz? Stumbleupon always provides interesting and offbeat sites voted by users in all kinds of categories.

(7) Ebaumsworld has always been a scandalous site, surrounded by controversy over stolen content, but at the end of the day they still show users wacky videos and fascinating links.

(6) Everyone knows, right? Well, if you don’t, it’s probably the biggest social news site on the web – but it varies from offbeat news to too much tech. Just so you know what you’re getting into!

(5) OK, so, I don’t even know what language this site is in (.hr? anyone?), but they keep linking to me, so I figure they get an honorable foriegn language site mention.

(4) Even though the content is a bit immature and/or scandalous, I suppose it wouldn’t be fair to compile a list of popular linkdumps without mentioning

(3) WebUrbanist has a great category for cool images of all kinds which is worth checking back in on every few days – not updated constantly, but quality is better than quality, right?

(2) Never forget the good old WallStreetFighter, who posts top 10 lists all the time – and old ones can always be found in his archives at any time!

(1) You guessed it – All Sux dot Com is the best site on the web for awesome link lists. This was in NO way biased by the fact that you are currently on All Sux dot Com …