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Because I’m So Lazy …

… I’m going to let John of Disassociated do my link collections for me this time! Here are some links about blogging and other nifty tips, or how some more tips about blog organization and using StumbleUpon. This collection links to the never-ending Blogger versus WordPress debate and other interesting stuff. Links links who doesn’t love links?

Today’s Theme: Fun with Photography

I’d seen this before, but Stumbled Upon it again today: how to improve your photographs with classic art. I have to say the results are downright amazing and it’s a pretty simple Photoshop process. Speaking of photography, here are some tips for how to photograph a fireworks display. Keeping with the theme, sort of, here are some sad but gripping images from Chernobyl and photos of amazing photographic ‘illusions’ produced by chalked and painted sidewalk art. If I ever go idle forever, I really hope I do something like this with my domain!

This Blog has Become my Twitter

Oh my … hai effreybody! So … I guess this blog has become my random musings … after starting off as a rant blog, evolving into a humor blog, devolving back to a rant blog, it is back at square one. For anyone who has been tuned in: things are kind of settling back out in my life … ran into some big things all at once. It has definitely been a roller coaster … some things are going great, others have been suffering, but it’s all about the balance. Anywho, I’d like to apologize to anyone who I’ve been ignoring, etc… I still love all mai readerz and kewl bloggers I’ve just been sucked into a few particular projects and have also been trying to pull back from other things to get stuff done. Anywho, hai effreybody!

Unexpected Personal Issues Suck

Sometimes life just sneaks up, jumps on you and beats you down with a spork. I realize this is a ‘personal’ weblog and I could blog about what is going on right now, but I’m not even sure I’ve sorted through my own emotional reactions to it yet. Needless to say, my life was already in transition (from grad school to job searching) and something pretty significant just happened in my personal life. I suppose there’s no good time for random things like this to crop up and punch you in the gut, but right now seems a particularly bad time. Ces la vie, more soon maybe.

More Linky Love!

It’s so great to see more and more folks reviewing Web Urbanist, each clearly taking something different from their time spent on the site. I have to say I really enjoy the variety on the site, and how can you go wrong with a site titled Subterranean Homepage News? Sheila adds really solid content to that site very regularly – I would highly recommend adding it to your daily reads! I should add that this isn’t the first time Sheila has written something kind about the site!

Oh, and this guy runs a site about weird websites – it sure is strange, but isn’t everything good on the web a little weird? More linky love soon …

I Feel a Rant Building

Linkinn. Rant. Building. They rip off content and spam the ripped off content with AdSense, then plaster it in the comments of sites like for secondary traffic. They even have the nerve to call it a mirror. Grr … more oon

Unsolicited Praise: The Real Best Form of Flattery

They say that “imitation is the best form of flattery,” but I happen to believe that unsolicited praise is. Those of you who blog know that it is great to get your site or a site you work on reviewed. What could be better than a review in general, other than an in-depth review by a blogger you only recently found out about? Allsux has been reviewed in the past, as has Web Urbanist, but rarely in such great detail and with so many positive comments as a recent (unsolicited!) review by Individuals at Home.

This kind of review is a great reminder to bloggers who wonder about their readers – why so few comments? Does anyone really care about this stuff? Sometimes it is those who you know the least who are the biggest supporters of a site you slave over. It is reviews by savvy bloggers with excellent content that remind me that blogging is worthwhile. In turn, reviewing a blog is a way to say thanks as well as an excellent way to introduce your blog to others!

Struggling to go Semi-AFK

So I’ve been working a bit toward slowing down on blogging in order to wrap up some real-life projects that need attention. I’ll be posting a bit less here and in a few other places, but I won’t leave you hanging! Regular readers know I like to hand out link love now again, but tend to link some folks more than others – bloggers I have known for quite a while, worked with, been helped by, helped and so on. Don’t be shy: speak up if I forgot someone!

Today, I’d like to thank John for his interview regarding Romlet and his continued support of the widget as well as his early adoption of it! I’d also suggest checking out Tamar‘s blog, particularly the most recent article regarding problems with Digg. Muhammad is really ramping up his new main site with a vengeance – check it out his interview with the creator of Digpicz.   Be sure to dig deep into Webomatica, you may find some old but applicable articles that are well worth reading. Andy has some great tips for bloggers, and has been helping me come up with monetization strategies for some of the sites I work on via e-mail – thanks Andy, hopefully my blogs get to the point where they can at least pay for their own hosting soon!

Finally, I just recently came across OneMansBlog – a really neat site about, well, everything. I have to admit I have a personal soft spot for blogs that don’t try to niche themselves too much. I recommend looking at the ‘top content’ widget on the right for some interesting stuff! Update: I also just came across a contest on OMB. Normally I don’t really go in for contests (this may be my first), but this one is pretty straightforward: link to OMB (I was doing that already!) and subcribe to the feed via email (that too!).

Since I might be away for a few days or longer, and posting just a few times a week tops, I wanted to make sure this top content roundup stays somewhat sticky – if you’re bored it might be fun to browse ;)

You Do Realize …

… that this is my personal weblog right? I mean, sure, at times I strive to entertain and such, but at the end of the day this is where I dump the leftover contents that simply won’t fit in my brain. Sometimes I post multiple times in a day to get the lead out, and other times I forget to post for days because I’m simply too busy. I rarely get feedback (hint hint, wink wink!) so I trudge along as if no one is listening despite the (apparently insane?) daily visitors and subscribers to this site.

Anyway, so, what am I doing that is distracting me from writing here you may ask? Or you may be asking yourself why you subscribe to such shite, but let’s assume the positive for the moment! Let’s see, well, I’m doing a lot of management, editing and writing for Web Urbanist. I’m also plugging away at new ideas and promotional strategies for Romlet. Most of all, though, I’m trying to finish up my architectural thesis.

OK, let me explain where this self-reflection is coming from: I chatted with someone today and realized that I leave this site scattered around the interwebs as my homepage. Well, it is my homepage of sorts, in more ways than one. It is one of few sites that I manage all by my lonesome. It is also the first blog (heck, website) that I ever owned and operated. In a great many regards this is my home base. It is where I come back to when I want to spew nonsense into the void or have an axe to grind, which also ties back into the original idea behind the domain name (yes, AllSux was a rant blog to begin with!). Don’t we all need a shoutbox of some kind?

I always read over my posts before submitting them for ‘publication.’ However, this is the one site on which I don’t edit myself for run-on sentences, bad grammar, or really most anything else. I read the posts over to make sure I haven’t missed anything. Well, I haven’t! So goodnight!

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