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How to Choose a New Branded Domain Name

So what makes or breaks a domain for a website or blog? The days of strung together sequences of keywords is pretty much over, particularly of the hyphenated variety. There are still exceptions but they are almost all holdovers from the previous generation of blogging and website development.

But how do you come up with a branded domain? Well, you could take the approach of this site and simply go for something short, random and fairly spellable that doesn’t tie you to any particular niche. Another good strategy is to think of main keywords in your niche and change endings/beginnings, spelling or add suffixes and prefixes like this one and many others.

Things to keep in mind each time you search:

(1) Vary the suffixes/prefixes, maybe add something on both ends

(2) Change the spelling, replacing, removing or adding letters

(3) Think outside the box for uncommon but still niche-related terms

(4) Keep spellability in mind but remember it isn’t everything (e.g. Flickr)

(5) Memorability and brevity are key: keep it interesting and short

Personally, if I have a particular one in mind I just jump to GoDaddy and do a search to see if my idea is taken. Let’s say, though, that your first choice (e.g. is taken. Avoid going to the .net or .org options unless they fit the site (e.g. an internet-related site might do well on a .net or an environmental or non-profit site could work as a .org). Instead, look for other variants in the spelling and so on. If you’re on a roll, use a bulk domain search tool instead.

Of course, you often won’t be the first one trying to do this. You want to make a movie review site, let’s say, and aren’t sure where to start. You might try things like Movified, Cineviews, or other combinations that speak immediately to the subject matter only to find they are all taken. Don’t get frustrated and give yourself a break then try again later – if it hasn’t already been taken that perfect match is probably going to survive a few more days! Also, don’t forget, you can ultimately brand anything, but some things are easier than others.

Unlucky 13: Worst Spam Comments Ever

Have you ever thought to yourself: wow, the spam comments on my blog are some of the funniest stuff online?!?! Well I have. For some time now I’ve been collecting the dumbest, funniest and generally most entertaining spam I receive and saving it. Please enjoy the following ranked spam comments, in order of stupidity, with customized headline introductions by yours truly:Â

(13) The Speed-Freak Drug Spammer:

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(12) The Friendly Psycho Loan Spammer:

Hi all!
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All Aboard the Geek Link Train

Yes it’s that time of year again where we’re all scrambling just a bit to get our PageRank stats in order for the big update. Fortunately, this train is just getting started so it is the perfect time to get involved. So, jump aboard, get some great PR love and best of all: leave a comment to get added to my list! Sure, it’s viral, and I try to avoid that most of the time – but really: PageRank is a good thing to have, and since everyone else is doing it … why not? While you’re add it be sure to feed this blog and fave this blog too.

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Sexy Images used to Game StumbleUpon?

Well, I don’t really approve of this, but it is pretty funny – this person has only voted for 1 website in their entire month on StumbleUpon, but has 67 fans. How did they do it? I think the picture is the (unfortunate) answer. [UPDATE: a commenter notified me that this member is up to 69 fans].

Gaming StumbleUpon

How did I find this person? Well, ‘Poohbaby‘ (what the heck does THAT mean?) messaged me as shown below. My inbox on SU is remarkably spam free, and I hope this isn’t the beginning of a trend.


Ever Wonder Whether AdSense Really Works?

The internet is filled to the brim with Google AdSense – it often seems like the stuff is on every page (a few small ads on this one included). The web is also full of bloggers blogging about blogs. However, one clever blogger has figured out a way to actually make a unique and highly specific niche out of these seemingly ubiquitous topics by blogging about Google AdSense.

What I find particularly interesting is that she is starting from absolute scratch and documenting the entire process. Many bloggers who are newer to the game talk big but are easily revealed if they are only not truly knowledgable.  This blogger actually (almost scientifically) describes each and every step along the way. Somehow, I find both the specificity of the blog’s content and the honesty of its author quite refreshing in a blogosphere full of blogs about making money.

In the interest of full disclosure: this blogger actually write a review of that (both for its depth and honesty) will earn the blog multiple incoming links! However, this post reflects my own opinions of that blog, and these multiple links are freely given. Fascinating endeavor, look forward to tracking it (ouch did I really just make that pun?).

Tell Others How Much This Site Sucks – Get a Free Do-Follow PR4 Link – and Be Entered to Win a PR5 Link!

With buzz in the air about a Google PageRank update in the works, now is the time to get some incoming links and boost your PR! It’s really pretty simple: write a post (100+ words) linking to and to one specific post you think is particularly terrible (or awesome). Leave a comment on this post. It will be moderated, so just specify ‘private’ if you don’t want it to show.

In return, I will write a post linking back to everyone who reviews this site with a short blurb about the site and its content. Bonus: it’s a fair bet (based on traffic, such as the recent 16,000+ hits from the Fark main page) that this site is actually PR5 in disguise, it just doesn’t show yet because we are pre-update. So, you’ve got a PR4 or maybe even a PR5 link – just for writing your mind! Don’t like the site? Feel free to trash it. Not sure where to start? Here is a handful of some of our most viewed and controversial posts.

Extra extra bonus: One lucky winner will get a second free blogroll link from a site that already has PR5 showing on it. This will go to the person with the most creative, interesting or funny post – whether or not it trashes or praises this site!