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How Did Digg Founder Kevin Rose Forget to Register his Own Company’s Domain Names?

Kevin Rose founded and recently launched, but his company – Megatechtronium – doesn’t appear to have reserved their own domains! just has “Megatechtronium?” on it and (much more interesting) is up for sale to the highest bidder.

Kevin Rose Should Apologize to Online World of Warcraft Community

Pownce was just released – a new brainchild from founder Kevin Rose – who apparently forgot that if he kept things entirely hush-hush there would be a storm of searches when Pownce was announced. As a result, some poor World of Warcraft fan with the user name Pownce is currently having his profile trampled via Google searches for Rose’s new project (for a while it was the number one result). Just one more innocent bystander trampled by the stampeding Digg mobs!