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LiveLeak = 500,000+ Visitors/Day -> Not Indexed by Google? is a sometimes-controversial video-based site which receives over a half-million visitors a day and was, until just now, completely unindexed in Google – because they accidentally told Google not to index their site! The funniest part is that, as of 4 AM PST, their own front page still has a ‘try it for yourself’ link that encourages users to see that they aren’t indexed by Google.

In a rather tragic personal video a depressed-sounding LiveLeak administrator describes how he has been trying to contact Google about this potential act of censorship. Meanwhile, this video has received comments ranging from ranging from “google has stepped out of bounds” to “google is with the government in censoring the internet and they must be stopped!!!” Meanwhile, of course, they were informed (by a friend of mine) of the problem and, as you can see below, have fixed it:

Live Leak Appears to be Leaking Own Brain out of Own Web Page

Even the Wikipedia article on Google censorship contains an (albeit now contested) sub-section pointing out this issue.  How can a site with a half a million visitors a day and numerous web professionals looking into the problem NOT figure this out sooner? Go(d)ogle only knows, but now that they have removed the bot they are sure to get a flood of links from Google. Maybe it was just reverse psychology to begin with :P

YouTube Sucks

well, i searched for things that suck on youtube, and perhaps unsurprisingly the first thing to come up with a long boring WWF video. another good one came up about how indie sux, but the comments and responses seem to suggest that in fact the band claiming indie sux actually sux more which i’m inclined to agree with. i think this video sux a lot too, but i did get a kick out of the intentionally misleading search terms that preface it. but of course, and this is a classic, we all know mac sux.