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blogs are so narcisistitciojaidjfos i can’t spell

well, it’s true isn’t it? i mean, here i am, talking about me blah blah blah. why don’t you write something equally meaningless, and i’ll give you the honor of having it listed as a ‘comment’ to my sermon :D

regardless, it’s good that this isn’t a ‘real’ blog because i’m running up on finals and a trip to mexico, so i’m heading MIA and if i were sleek enough to have readers they’d surely miss my meaningless ramblings.

BLEEP with BLEEP censored hehe

What do BLEEP and BLEEP have in common? No, they are not both the names of BLEEP bands. Give up? Well, apparently they are the two current things that BLEEP automatic marketing system have decided that people who visit my site may want to purchase! To listen to the censored bleep or find out more about it click here. Despite the fact that no one seems to know ’bout this site yet, or anyone who does thinks it sux too much even to comment, I’m getting a kick out of it for sure. I wonder whether my reuse of these terms in this post will reinforce the presence of those ads on the site? Only time will tell, stay tuned! Meanwhile, I’m going to start with my campaign to quit smoking right friggin now. Word.

working title

so, i’m working toward figuring out what i should be working toward with this site. i’ve conceived of it as an experiment … which means that aspects are (all) expected to initially fail (sux). a news source for all that sux? a testing ground for all ideas that might sux? a forum for expressing all that sux? leave your comments, and a generous donation, picture that sux, etc… , and i promise to take any suggestions that truly sux.

all is the new sux

they say that red is the new black …Â perhaps all is the new sux.