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12 Awesome Articles that Blew Up on the Internet


How does an article go from being just another post on a blog to a web-wide sensation overnight? I would argue that at their core most of these strike the right blend of fascinating, novel and mainstream: they are compelling enough to grab your attention, strange enough that they present new information and yet of general enough interest to have a broad appeal to many people who frequent the world wide interwebs. Here are 12 great examples that illustrate these principles in more ways than one and are incredibly entertaining to boot!


LifeHackery’s 99 Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Objects another great ‘themed’ post built around items that everyone has in their home – what better way to draw readers immediately than to point out that boring old objects laying around might have strange secondary uses? Some of the particularly clever/innovative ones come complete with pictures which provide a great initial boost to the article.
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Today’s Theme: Fun with Photography

I’d seen this before, but Stumbled Upon it again today: how to improve your photographs with classic art. I have to say the results are downright amazing and it’s a pretty simple Photoshop process. Speaking of photography, here are some tips for how to photograph a fireworks display. Keeping with the theme, sort of, here are some sad but gripping images from Chernobyl and photos of amazing photographic ‘illusions’ produced by chalked and painted sidewalk art. If I ever go idle forever, I really hope I do something like this with my domain!

Digpicz: A [PICS] Feed for Digg Image Fans

For those of you have haven’t heard, someone just came up with something called Digpicz. What is this, you ask? Well, it’s an elegantly designed, simple website that displays newly popular Digg submissions related to images. What makes this so neat? Well, Diggers (as evidenced by how fast Digpicz hit the Digg front page!) have been wanting an image section for a while. Now they have it! Anyway, this isn’t new news anymore, but you should check out the site of the Digpicz creator who is currently working on an even more amazing pics aggregator!

Sorry I’ve Been Lazy

I’ve been a little lazy about updating, so instead of quickly trying to compile some great links or random images I let YouTube do the work for me. Enjoy!

Do People Really Hate the Homeless?

Recent posts on Web Urbanist have been getting all sorts of insane comments. Some commenters on a post about creative urban homeless shelters left great and productive feedback, while others suggested things like “we round them up and put them to work digging ditches for no pay” or “Nice designs; too bad they’re wasted on the homeless.”

Is there really that much hatred for the homeless, or are these just one-off idiots who have lost their head (or have noheart)? A follow-up post received far fewer responses – because it was less controversial, or because it put those first commenters in their place? It seems hard to believe that people will possibly find the most recent post on graffiti murals as Belfast as controversial, but I guess the comments above go to show that you never know.

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