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Pirates, Canned Cheeseburgers and Terrorists

The Pirate Bay team is facing a variety of charges, but vows to keep the site alive no matter what.

So what is it really like to have a canned cheeseburger?

You kind of have to wonder if Osama isn’t winning this war, since his goal was (in case you forgot) to bankrupt the United States.

What kind of world do we live in where the city sues you for being environmentally friendly.

The Soviet Union may be gone, but many amazing ruins remain.

Random Snow and Other Ramblings

Now, I’m not from Seattle … I’m from New York an Minnesota, and snow’s nothing new. Still, it’s fascinating to watch how Seattlites react to a sudden dump of white stuff from the sky (not the same white stuff they’re snorting in front of the house right now) I’ve come to take for granted over the course of my life.

Other thoughts … let’s see here … Gil has to be one of the hardest-working bloggers I know, and a great guy to boot … he’s building up real momentum on his site and I highly recommend checking it out. There are a lot of nifty Diggers (yup, been spending a lot of time on Digg) I should call out as well but I’ve been thinking of saving that for a future post that highlights Diggers by niche.

Oh, yes, I just got back from Chicago where I flew in a small plane for the first time – with my brother (of all people) at the wheel. There’s also nothing quite like going from Seattle to Chicago to remind you just how big a big city truly is, but I digress. There’s also nothing like going shopping on Black Friday to stir up images of the opulent Roman Empire before its collapse!

BREAKING: Allsux Author Picked as Hottest Member from 200,000 MyBlogLog Users! Maybe All Doesn’t Sux?

Well I have to say I’m pleased as punch about being selected as the lastest Hot Member on MyBlogLog. This site, for new readers tuning in, this site is filled with assorted randomness, from silly images and strange videos to really weird news. It has taken a lot of big-name internet companies to task, from LiveLeak to Digg and Helium and many others along the way. Possibly the only site I have posted only positive praise about is MyBlogLog.

Why? Because they actually care about the people who use their site, respond to concerns and suggestions promptly and helpfully – and all in order to create an amazing place to find great blogs and cool bloggers. In short: they’re the biggest web company I know of that hasn’t sold out their principles and personal investment in what they do as a result of their success. So yes, ‘all’ does ‘sux’ … except MyBlogLog!

So join in the fun and join up here for the AllSux and WebUrbanist communities. Also, a round of applause to Robyn and Eric who have turned MyBlogLog into the best blogging community online! Not a member? Whether you’re a blogger or a blog-reader the best way to find interesting blogs and bloggers online is through MyBlogLog!!!

P.S. No they don’t pay me :)

Tuesday Blues: 7 Hilarious(ly Sad) Links

(7) Oh my, this comic is on fire!

(6) Admittedly, only sad thing about this link is that no one found this ancient fortress sooner – how do you not see something like that?

(5) Should we be surprised that God killed way more people in the Bible than his evil counterpart, Satan?

(4) Though fairly entertaining and well-developed, who has time to waste making a fake trailer for Minesweeper: The Movie.

(3) Did you know that ancient 8-Billion -year-old (er i meant million) bacteria is slowly coming out of ice melting due to climate change – and is being grown by scientists?

(2)Â I just wish that they would add Martians to the list of the 10 strangest things found in space.

(1) Topping it all off this Tuesday is the Worst. Excuse. Ever. – provided by yet another politician caught with his pants down in a public park.


(0) Here are some absolutely amazing image of the 7 Abandoned Wonders of the Postmodern World – simpy must see!

Strange and Surreal Saturday News that Sux or Rox

Sux: It turns out that Kenyan prostitutes thought to be immune to HIV are apparently only immune so long as they are continually exposed to the virus. Strange, sad and highly unfortunate for all parties involved, but apparently still progress in understanding AIDS.

Rox: IKEA is opening a youth hostel for customers who just don’t want to leave. I’m thinking this is more like: for customers who get lost in the vast store and don’t make it out by closing time.

Sux: Some poor Canadian used to universal healthcare is being billed from the US for having her child during emergency labor. Sigh.

Rox: Wouldn’t you like to charge your phone on camping trips using wind power? I know I would.

All that Sux in the World: Top Ten Weekend Links

10) I don’t know which of these 8 is the weirdest, but the ice chewers forum and the pornographic Star Trek fanatics are tied in my book.

9) Most people have expected as much for a while, but in case you hadn’t heard it is true: Aquafina is literally glorified tap water.

8) There are a lot of cool things on these here interwebs, but wouldn’t you rather be surfing them with an electromagnetic keyboard with floating keys?

7) It was only a matter of time until someone proved the old saying true by launching a pig into space.
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Update: What Sucks in the News

Today: Top stories of what sucks in the world. A Medevec nurse was partially sucked through a broken window in an airplane, but managed to hold on and pull himself back in. We all know that it does, but here are some more reasons why digital cable really sucks. Supposedly, politically correct body armor sucks, though I find it hard to believe that less is more when people are shooting at you. Here are some good reasons why waiting in line for an iPhone sucks. Finally, if your love life sucks, you can use this patended wall-climbing robot that uses suction to climb walls to spy on your significant other.