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The First AllSux Link List with Just One Link

OK, so I have found some great links, but I think that sharing them all alongside this link would be unfair to this link. This link is, in fact, an amazing link. OK, I’ll admit it, my high opinion of this link is probably colored by the fact that I just moved to a cheaper apartment surrounded by crackheads and crack dealers. No, not kidding.

Make no mistake, I have no real problem with them – they laugh and play out in front, dealing crack and causing no real harm except some occassional pee on the stoop. To be honest, the crachheads/dealers are pretty entertaining all in all. Perhaps that’s why I found this link so incredibly, gut-wrenchingly, hilariously entertaining. Here it is.

Enjoy that? Well, you can always find more at the Best of Craigslist. No, this isn’t a sponsored post, Craigslist is free you @#$%ing idiot!

I love my readers too much for that stuff!