inicio mail me! sindicaci;ón Administrators Ban Victim of Plagiarism

Whoowee! The story gets even better. You might expect that if they received a report of a violation of their own TOS, administrators might ban the violator. Well, in this case, they banned the victim of the violation. On the other hand, it appears that this isn’t the first time.


After I made a number of comments on Digg about my stolen site content, and even submitted a letter of complaint to Digg reminding them of their own stance against plagiarism, administrators saw fit to suspend my Digg account for ‘misuse.’ So, not only have they *not* punished the plagiarist, they’ve now gone so far as to censure the victim of that plagiarism for speaking out about it. In a strange twist, the administrators of the site where the content in question was displayed actually allowed me to post a comment about my concerns. The full story is below in the two following posts.