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everything sux

To bring ya’ll up to speed, I just got back from Mazatlan Mexico. And got myself some new web hosting and have been beefing up on my web design and marketing skills. I’m learning the ropes, here, and pushing my boundaries, though, as you can see, I’m risking my immortal imaginary soul. I still sux, though, and could use some comments. I’m working on my thesis … it’s on Burning Man, nomadic (often termed ‘homeless’) people living under the West Seattle Bridge, fire performers, fired-earth construction, unemployed industrial workers and god knows what else. Stay tuned for more developments in a few months … by then my bastard brainchild will have emerged to conquer the West Coast and all its hapless hippies (arguably, i suppose, including me). Well, at least I have damned good lifeƂ insurance.