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My Internet Stalker is Still Following Me

Well, OK, to be fair, I should have just started ignoring his emails – but they were just too funny! Backstory for those just tuning in: some guy stole some content off a site I write for, pasted it word-for-word and image-for-image on his own site, then turned (in my opinion) psychotically beligerent when I asked him politely to remove the illegally copied content from his site, and directed him to relevant copyright laws.

Now he is threatening to call the police for harassment, his lawyer for defamation, and the FBI for threatening him. He also wants to contact my hosting provider to get this site suspended and Google to delete the (for-spam-use-only) email address I gave him to conact me at. For all I know he plans to call my mother and explain to her that I’ve been a very bad boy.

Anyway, I’ve made an executive decision to stop contacting him. Eventually he started to annoy me to the point where I started to use excessive strong language – which I took to mean his apparent psychosis was rubbing off on me. Also, his last letter included a vague by somewhat disturbing threat that could be interpreted to mean I might end up as another blood-spattered patch on the pavement and front-pager of a local news story.

So, this is probably the last I will write of my internet stalker. It’s been entertaining at times, strange at others, but it just goes to show you: some people really really need to get out more.

UPDATE: he has reported me to GMail and forwarded his complaint :)

UPDATE: he is writing to various sites I have submitted content to and ranting and raving about me. It’s pretty funny, cuz he’s calling me an internet stalker, saying I’m harassing/threatening him and such, but he’s the one contacting everyone he can think of to trash me lolz. I feel like I’m back in 8th grade :(

Yay! I Have an Internet Stalker!

 In case he should sue me for this, I hereby disclaim this post and avow that it is entirely my incredibly biased, subjective and stupid opinion – not fact. If I should mysteriously stop posting, assume I was murdered – or went out for a cheeseburger.

This all started a few weeks ago when someone copied a full blog post – hotlinked images and all – from a website I contribute to. I contacted him and firmly but politely asked him to remove the copied content, warning him that his actions were against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines (though I didn’t even mention they were also illegal). Apparently, though framed as well as I could considering the circumstances, he took this as a personal threat. Here is my account of the interchange, though feel free to skip ahead to where I point out that he is breaking the law and I can sue his [noun removed].
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Allsux Retrospective Part 2: The Worst of the Sux

In this latest installment of the AllSux retrospective, I’m taking a look back at the site’s most controversial and popular posts! If you’ve been reading for a while you may or may not have seen these, but they are the ones that put the site on the map and brought in the readers it has today.

(5) This post about Ask, Google and Google-Sux got some attention mostly because I bashed a site, and its administrator came back at me guns blazing. However, their counterarguments got shut down pretty fast. In reality, I think it was the comments that drew more attention than the post.

(4) This post about the huge scandal about LiveLeak not being indexed by Google drew a lot of readership, though much of it was from a Spanish site I never was able to decipher!

(3) Of course, one of the biggest AllSux targets has been – and this story that followed the huge Digg scandal was the most popular of them all. While other blogs (and major news sites like Wired) were confused, I stayed up all night and summarized what was going on.

(2) The Technorati experiment had a huge readership. I think that a lot of people are interested in the deeper consequences of using social networks, and this post struck a cord with folks.

(1) Of course the most visited page on AllSux is Allsux! That bodes well for this and my other (newer) blog, because it means that there are a lot of readers who want to see the lates and greatest, and don’t just show up to read a single post and leave. Thanks to you all – keep visiting, reading, and please leave comments! Also visit this new blog I’m helping develop:

An honorable mention goes to all of the articles on AllSux about Helium. Though none of these pages have individually made the top five, they have cumulatively done amazingly well. Why? Because other frustrated Helium writers keep finding them and sending me words of support as well as their own stories bout Helium.