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Snow vs. Train – Who Will Win?! – Watch more free videos

The Most Viewed Video Ever on YouTube

You know, I’m not sure what I would have guessed if someone had asked me what I thought the most viewed video ever on YouTube was going to be. However, this certainly wouldn’t have been it. The Evolution of Dance is funny, yes, but … I’m not sure if I would have stuck it out long enough to be entertained if I hadn’t known ahead of time it was the most watched thing on YouTube, ever:

Sorry I’ve Been Lazy

I’ve been a little lazy about updating, so instead of quickly trying to compile some great links or random images I let YouTube do the work for me. Enjoy!

If You Watch Just One Video …

in your entire life … make it this one:

Legalize Torture – Use This Video

From Guantanamo Bay to Afghanistan, the problem of prisoner torture could be easily solved: put the video below on an endless loop until a suspect cracks and reveals all. If they don’t spill secrets within 24 hours you can rest assured that they are innocent. 2.4 million people have already seen it, apparently without catastrophic side effects, so at least it would be humane. Problem solved:

Your Desktop meets Your Desk

Most people expect their whole world to be slowly digitized, but what would happen if we ran reality in reverse? Something to think about:

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