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It’s Official: Technorati has Ranked All Sux dot Com the #1 Blog in the Universe

Technorati, the definitive blog-ranking website in the world, has done the unthinkable and ranked the number one blog in the world!

Best Blog in the Universe

OK OK, so to be fair, Technorati is bugged and appears to be rating EVERY blog number 1. So, take this opportunity, take a screenshot, and make your own post about it!

Allsux Retrospective Part 2: The Worst of the Sux

In this latest installment of the AllSux retrospective, I’m taking a look back at the site’s most controversial and popular posts! If you’ve been reading for a while you may or may not have seen these, but they are the ones that put the site on the map and brought in the readers it has today.

(5) This post about Ask, Google and Google-Sux got some attention mostly because I bashed a site, and its administrator came back at me guns blazing. However, their counterarguments got shut down pretty fast. In reality, I think it was the comments that drew more attention than the post.

(4) This post about the huge scandal about LiveLeak not being indexed by Google drew a lot of readership, though much of it was from a Spanish site I never was able to decipher!

(3) Of course, one of the biggest AllSux targets has been – and this story that followed the huge Digg scandal was the most popular of them all. While other blogs (and major news sites like Wired) were confused, I stayed up all night and summarized what was going on.

(2) The Technorati experiment had a huge readership. I think that a lot of people are interested in the deeper consequences of using social networks, and this post struck a cord with folks.

(1) Of course the most visited page on AllSux is Allsux! That bodes well for this and my other (newer) blog, because it means that there are a lot of readers who want to see the lates and greatest, and don’t just show up to read a single post and leave. Thanks to you all – keep visiting, reading, and please leave comments! Also visit this new blog I’m helping develop:

An honorable mention goes to all of the articles on AllSux about Helium. Though none of these pages have individually made the top five, they have cumulatively done amazingly well. Why? Because other frustrated Helium writers keep finding them and sending me words of support as well as their own stories bout Helium.

Celebrity Visits Allsux (Sort of) – Hi Eric!

MyBlogLog Visits Allsux

Anyone who uses MyBlogLog is used to seeing the face of its founder, Eric, pop up on their contacts list from the first day they sign up. Still, I did a double-take when I saw that same face on AllSux today. I assume he’s checking Technorati for all things MyBlogLog-related, probably to see responses to the new features. Anyway, thanks for visiting, Eric! MyBlogLog has put me in contact with a number of my favorite bloggers – great site, service and social network. Keep up the good work!

Technorati WTF Experiment Revealed!


So why did I WTF my own blog … while talking about how people misuse WTFs? Well, I did it for a few reasons:
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WTF is up with WTF? OMG WTF is GOING ON?

I have to admit, this is a pretty clever use of the Technorati WTF tool. Still, using WTFs only for self-promotion does seem a bit underhanded, at least so long as you like and respect Technorati as a real source of information! Right? But wait, I WTF-ed this article about WTFs! OMG WTF is going on! On that note, vote here to WTF this WTF … think of it is a meta-WTF to raise awareness about WTFs like this. I’ll redirect all of this traffic to Technorati anyway – a great site people should use to look for better sites than this one!
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w00t Technorati Sucks

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Meanwhile, I’m kicking butt on some search engines … #1 for ‘allsux’ and ‘new sux’ and of course ‘all new sux’ on Google … though i’ll be damned: on Ask my friend’s website that links to me comes up first for ‘allsux’. Though if you think that means Ask is less biased and more honest and open in their methods, check out the 6th page down if you search for ‘new sux’