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SU and the Art of Adding Stumble-Friends

Perhaps you some enjoy pages you find on StumbleUpon but a lot of the results aren’t relevant? Maybe many of your finds are relevant but you want more people to share them with? Or maybe you just love StumbleUpon, have some people you know using it, but want to find even more? If any of these rings true perhaps you could use some better methods of finding ‘friends’ on SU.

While many StumbleUpon users merrily Stumble away without interacting with others, a fair number of people join StumbleUpon in part because they want to network with others in the community. Whether you want to find people with similar interests or simply want to find more interesting things to StumbleUpon it is worthwhile for every Stumbler to make Stumble-friends.
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The Top 5 Ultimate StumbleUpon Resource Lists

StumbleUpon is arguably the ultimate social media network. It is easy to use: jumping from page to interesting page takes just a click of a button. It is diverse: unlike Digg and Reddit, StumbleUpon isn’t dominated by a few niche interest groups or a limited demographic. It is incredibly friendly: there is very little trash-talk on SU as compared to other social media sites. However, StumbleUpon does have one major shortcoming: it is somewhat difficult to move from the status of ‘casual Stumbler’ to ‘StumbleUpon expert’ because SU has hidden complexity beyond the Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down and Stumble buttons we know and love.
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AllSux Lives Up to Its Name!

Well this is getting truly hilarious: a whole cadre of Stumblers is so obsessed with AllSux they’ve been posting entire threads just to discuss this site! The funny thing is: I’ve outright encouraged them to come and post their inaccurate, ridiculous, childish and hilarious opinions in comments on AllSux. They talk about doing it in their forum, even say they’ve done it and brag about it, but none of them have: I don’t moderate out trash talk (come on, this is ‘!’).

I guess they’re afraid to voice their opinions beyond their little clique of mutually-supportive morons. Likewise, the person who started this flame war has accused me of all sorts of funny and ridiculous things. What I think that they don’t understand is: this is a site dedicated to things that suck – if no one trashed it, I’d be highly disappointed! Anyway, thanks crazy Stumblers for the unasked for attention – it doesn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Keep it coming!

UPDATE: One of the idiots messaged me saying that they had made a comment on Allsux. Now OK, I can see trying to fool their moronic friends, but hi: I moderate the comments on here, I think I’d know if someone had tried to make one! They also tried to make fun of me for ‘checking the forums’ to find their link. Are these guys computarded or what? Hi, look at the sidebar: see those fancy favicons? Those show where visitors are coming from. These guys should ‘check’ their heads. This isn’t rocket science.

UPDATE: Just when I think these guys can’t get any funnier, I get this mesages back: “However you found the forum it clearly shows you had the initiative to go and look at the link.” They then used this as the basis for an argument that I was lame for spending so much time finding/reading the forum post about this site. OK, here’s what’s funny to me about this: with the Romlet widget on the sidebar, it takes exactly one click to see an incoming source of traffic. That is exactly the same number of clicks that it takes this idiot to open their inbox each time I send them a message. What’s more: this person keeps coming back to Allsux to check for new posts about them or StumbleUpon. Let’s review: someone who is actively looking for my posts about them is criticizing me for clicking one link to a post they made about me? Whee this is fun!

Why Go Out of Your Way to Trash a Fellow Stumbler?

Negative reviews are a great feature on StumbleUpon – some people use them to criticize stuff think don’t think is up to snuff, while others (like me) try to reserve the ‘thumbs down’ for spam-filled sites or pages littered with lots of in-the-way ads. So OK, I wrote a post about how people using female avatars seem to get a lot of ‘friends,’ even if they aren’t Stumbling many pages:

Gaming StumbleUpon
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Sexy Images used to Game StumbleUpon?

Well, I don’t really approve of this, but it is pretty funny – this person has only voted for 1 website in their entire month on StumbleUpon, but has 67 fans. How did they do it? I think the picture is the (unfortunate) answer. [UPDATE: a commenter notified me that this member is up to 69 fans].

Gaming StumbleUpon

How did I find this person? Well, ‘Poohbaby‘ (what the heck does THAT mean?) messaged me as shown below. My inbox on SU is remarkably spam free, and I hope this isn’t the beginning of a trend.


StumbleUpon Sucks – Or Does It?

Oh, wait, no it doesn’t. So why would I write a headline like “StumbleUpon Sucks?” Well, to be honest, I wanted to outrank the idiot who actually thinks that and is sometimes ranked #1 on Google searches for that phrase! UPDATE: this page is now ranked third on Google for StumbleUpon sucks’ – thanks to the power of you Stumblers! Heading for number 1!


In point of fact, StumbleUpon does not suck at all. It is a great tool both for meeting interesting people and for finding amazingly interesting websites. Frankly, I have discovered more interesting graphic design, political commentary and other off-beat sites through StumbleUpon than through many other sucky social news, networking and bookmarking sites.

Why should you believe me? Well, they don’t pay me to say this, so that’s a start. Just download the toolbar and try it yourself. Set some random keywords about stuff you like and come back here and tell me you don’t like it! If you DO like it you might want to link back to this post so it outranks that other one.

Allsux Retrospective Part 1: Helpful & Cool Bloggers

This blog has been running for some time and it’s about time I took stock of things and gave out some thanks and summed some stuff up! So, in the next few posts I’ll be doing some ‘best of’ summaries, but I thought I should start by thanking those around me who have helped this blog get off the ground. In particular, I’m rethinking things having just presented my thesis and having just started WebUrbanist.
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Let’s Get Ready to Stumble!!!

 I Stumbled and I Can't Get Up

 Are you ready to StumbleUpon and be Stumbled Upon?
(1) If you like this site, stumble – not the subpage this post is on!
(2) Leave me a comment with your StumbleUpon name
(3) I will Stumble your page if I find it worthy of Stumblage
(4) If not, no harm done. I’ll let you know you can UnStumble me
(5) Copy this post and paste it on your blog – remove any blogs you don’t like personally from the list, and add new blogs you do like. Stumble them! As word spreads, more people will have a chance to Stumble your blog (and mine!) if they like them ;)
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