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Archive for March, 2008

Your Unusual(ly) Educational Links of the Week

Contrary to historical precedent and popular opinion girls are now the most prolific web users. This flies in the face of what most people thought they knew about the interweb browsing audiences of today, eh? They are apparently (according to the article) a new breed of “super communicator.” The geek in me wonders if that dot com is taken.

Have you ever wondered how Bluetooth got its name?

OK, the headline does say ‘unusual’ so perhaps this would be a good time to slip in a link to the mechanics of a man hug – a post with some truly entertaining videos and pictures, naturally.

It seems like everyone thinks they know everything about grammar. In reality, there are a lot of folks who correct others without even realizing their own corrections are also wrong. So, before you assume you know what’s right and wrong check out these top ten grammar myths.

I’m not sure if there is anything truly new here but it’s good to read some life hackery now and again so here are 5 tips for being a good leader.

Some Places You Might Rather Be

It’s springtime and travel is in the air … for those of us not tied down to fast-paced jobs that is. Well, if you can travel these might give you some ideas of places to visit – and if you can’t at least you can dream! If you do travel though be sure you don’t fly with these pilots.

Not all travel has to be out-of-country to be exotic. Here are some great travel ideas for seeing the United States in ways that you might not normally think of.

Here are some amazing abandoned buildings in Europe that are well worth a visit – and most of them are far less vandalized and much older than comparable abandonments in the United States.

If you’re into something really offbeat, you could always check out these theme parks. Alright, maybe you’d rather go on a more traditional kind of trip. Want to hit the beach? Here are ten of them to choose from.