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Because I’m So Lazy …

… I’m going to let John of Disassociated do my link collections for me this time! Here are some links about blogging and other nifty tips, or how some more tips about blog organization and using StumbleUpon. This collection links to the never-ending Blogger versus WordPress debate and other interesting stuff. Links links who doesn’t love links?

Unsolicited Praise: The Real Best Form of Flattery

They say that “imitation is the best form of flattery,” but I happen to believe that unsolicited praise is. Those of you who blog know that it is great to get your site or a site you work on reviewed. What could be better than a review in general, other than an in-depth review by a blogger you only recently found out about? Allsux has been reviewed in the past, as has Web Urbanist, but rarely in such great detail and with so many positive comments as a recent (unsolicited!) review by Individuals at Home.

This kind of review is a great reminder to bloggers who wonder about their readers – why so few comments? Does anyone really care about this stuff? Sometimes it is those who you know the least who are the biggest supporters of a site you slave over. It is reviews by savvy bloggers with excellent content that remind me that blogging is worthwhile. In turn, reviewing a blog is a way to say thanks as well as an excellent way to introduce your blog to others!

All Aboard the Geek Link Train

Yes it’s that time of year again where we’re all scrambling just a bit to get our PageRank stats in order for the big update. Fortunately, this train is just getting started so it is the perfect time to get involved. So, jump aboard, get some great PR love and best of all: leave a comment to get added to my list! Sure, it’s viral, and I try to avoid that most of the time – but really: PageRank is a good thing to have, and since everyone else is doing it … why not? While you’re add it be sure to feed this blog and fave this blog too.

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Tell Others How Much This Site Sucks – Get a Free Do-Follow PR4 Link – and Be Entered to Win a PR5 Link!

With buzz in the air about a Google PageRank update in the works, now is the time to get some incoming links and boost your PR! It’s really pretty simple: write a post (100+ words) linking to and to one specific post you think is particularly terrible (or awesome). Leave a comment on this post. It will be moderated, so just specify ‘private’ if you don’t want it to show.

In return, I will write a post linking back to everyone who reviews this site with a short blurb about the site and its content. Bonus: it’s a fair bet (based on traffic, such as the recent 16,000+ hits from the Fark main page) that this site is actually PR5 in disguise, it just doesn’t show yet because we are pre-update. So, you’ve got a PR4 or maybe even a PR5 link – just for writing your mind! Don’t like the site? Feel free to trash it. Not sure where to start? Here is a handful of some of our most viewed and controversial posts.

Extra extra bonus: One lucky winner will get a second free blogroll link from a site that already has PR5 showing on it. This will go to the person with the most creative, interesting or funny post – whether or not it trashes or praises this site!