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Technorati WTF Experiment Revealed!


So why did I WTF my own blog … while talking about how people misuse WTFs? Well, I did it for a few reasons:

1) To demonstrate that WTFs don’t bring in much traffic. In fact, you can get more hits from a single Stumble on a site (that no one else gives a ‘thumbs up’ to) than you can with a typical WTF that 20 people vote for!

2) To get close to the blog in second place for this category and who basically describes the WTF as a tool for driving traffic to one’s own site. Like any other social news, networking or bookmarking tool or site: WTFs should be shared and passed around.

3) To remind WTFers to clean up their WTFs. An old WTF isn’t necessarily a bad one, but if it is no longer relevant – especially if it’s a link to someone else’s site – you should get rid of it. Unlike Digg or Reddit, WTFs can stay on top by default without competition for a long time.

So what are WTFs good for? I find them to be useful when all else fails, of for connecting people to obscure or timely information that is hard to find by traditional networks/searches. For example, when my Google Analytics went down for a day my first thought was: search Google about it! Of course, that came up with all sorts of results from other times Analytics had been down. A well-placed WTF from someone who had just posted about the issue could have led me to a blogger who knew or suspected what was going on. Now, happy WTFing! Now go WTF something else!