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AllSux Lives Up to Its Name!

Well this is getting truly hilarious: a whole cadre of Stumblers is so obsessed with AllSux they’ve been posting entire threads just to discuss this site! The funny thing is: I’ve outright encouraged them to come and post their inaccurate, ridiculous, childish and hilarious opinions in comments on AllSux. They talk about doing it in their forum, even say they’ve done it and brag about it, but none of them have: I don’t moderate out trash talk (come on, this is ‘!’).

I guess they’re afraid to voice their opinions beyond their little clique of mutually-supportive morons. Likewise, the person who started this flame war has accused me of all sorts of funny and ridiculous things. What I think that they don’t understand is: this is a site dedicated to things that suck – if no one trashed it, I’d be highly disappointed! Anyway, thanks crazy Stumblers for the unasked for attention – it doesn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Keep it coming!

UPDATE: One of the idiots messaged me saying that they had made a comment on Allsux. Now OK, I can see trying to fool their moronic friends, but hi: I moderate the comments on here, I think I’d know if someone had tried to make one! They also tried to make fun of me for ‘checking the forums’ to find their link. Are these guys computarded or what? Hi, look at the sidebar: see those fancy favicons? Those show where visitors are coming from. These guys should ‘check’ their heads. This isn’t rocket science.

UPDATE: Just when I think these guys can’t get any funnier, I get this mesages back: “However you found the forum it clearly shows you had the initiative to go and look at the link.” They then used this as the basis for an argument that I was lame for spending so much time finding/reading the forum post about this site. OK, here’s what’s funny to me about this: with the Romlet widget on the sidebar, it takes exactly one click to see an incoming source of traffic. That is exactly the same number of clicks that it takes this idiot to open their inbox each time I send them a message. What’s more: this person keeps coming back to Allsux to check for new posts about them or StumbleUpon. Let’s review: someone who is actively looking for my posts about them is criticizing me for clicking one link to a post they made about me? Whee this is fun!

Legalize Torture – Use This Video

From Guantanamo Bay to Afghanistan, the problem of prisoner torture could be easily solved: put the video below on an endless loop until a suspect cracks and reveals all. If they don’t spill secrets within 24 hours you can rest assured that they are innocent. 2.4 million people have already seen it, apparently without catastrophic side effects, so at least it would be humane. Problem solved:

Strange and Surreal Saturday News that Sux or Rox

Sux: It turns out that Kenyan prostitutes thought to be immune to HIV are apparently only immune so long as they are continually exposed to the virus. Strange, sad and highly unfortunate for all parties involved, but apparently still progress in understanding AIDS.

Rox: IKEA is opening a youth hostel for customers who just don’t want to leave. I’m thinking this is more like: for customers who get lost in the vast store and don’t make it out by closing time.

Sux: Some poor Canadian used to universal healthcare is being billed from the US for having her child during emergency labor. Sigh.

Rox: Wouldn’t you like to charge your phone on camping trips using wind power? I know I would. is a FireFox Ad?

OK, I’m a dinosaur – I just now switched to FireFox from Internet Explorer. Still, this is pretty underhanded: is just a big fat link to FireFox. What’s up with that?


All that Sux in the World: Top Ten Weekend Links

10) I don’t know which of these 8 is the weirdest, but the ice chewers forum and the pornographic Star Trek fanatics are tied in my book.

9) Most people have expected as much for a while, but in case you hadn’t heard it is true: Aquafina is literally glorified tap water.

8) There are a lot of cool things on these here interwebs, but wouldn’t you rather be surfing them with an electromagnetic keyboard with floating keys?

7) It was only a matter of time until someone proved the old saying true by launching a pig into space.
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All Aboard the Geek Link Train

Yes it’s that time of year again where we’re all scrambling just a bit to get our PageRank stats in order for the big update. Fortunately, this train is just getting started so it is the perfect time to get involved. So, jump aboard, get some great PR love and best of all: leave a comment to get added to my list! Sure, it’s viral, and I try to avoid that most of the time – but really: PageRank is a good thing to have, and since everyone else is doing it … why not? While you’re add it be sure to feed this blog and fave this blog too.

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Guess Who Didn’t Go to Iraq?

Guess Who Didnt Go to Iraq

Yes, This is a real image, brought to you by The Times of India.

This Image Requires No Explanation

No Caption Required Either

Why Go Out of Your Way to Trash a Fellow Stumbler?

Negative reviews are a great feature on StumbleUpon – some people use them to criticize stuff think don’t think is up to snuff, while others (like me) try to reserve the ‘thumbs down’ for spam-filled sites or pages littered with lots of in-the-way ads. So OK, I wrote a post about how people using female avatars seem to get a lot of ‘friends,’ even if they aren’t Stumbling many pages:

Gaming StumbleUpon
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