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Only When I’m Annoyed

I seem to post to this site only when I’m really annoyed, so I guess the wheel has come full circle: this is a place for everything that sux after all! At the same time, though, I’ve never been much of a blogger in the traditional sense of blogging about oneself. So, I’ll just say that work is going well and getting less stressful, I’m finally starting to organize my life a bit better but there is a big nagging glitch that just hit. I guess there is bound to be one of those whenever the rest is rolling smoothly, right?

FOLLOWUP: Beware of Dotster Hijacking your Subdomains

Well, on the tale of learning about GoDaddy linking to porn (previous post) I found an equally appalling testimonial from someone who points out that Dotster’s user policy allows them to take your subomains and use them for advertising. Apparently, this is buried in their terms of service but allows them (if you make a mistake in setting up your subdomains) to take unused subdomains and routing them to third-party sites or posting advertisements on them.