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Strange Animals, Ecological Design and Free Travel

Planning a trip? Here are some awesome resources for free travel.

Have you ever wanted to own your own Flintstone’s car?

Here are 100 great Photoshop tutorials.

It’s only been a month and already 2008 seems to be the Year of the Strange Animals

The answer to life, the universe, everything and why not to like George W Bush is of course fourty two.

Play These All at Once – Offset Cheney In-the-Round

Do People Really Hate the Homeless?

Recent posts on Web Urbanist have been getting all sorts of insane comments. Some commenters on a post about creative urban homeless shelters left great and productive feedback, while others suggested things like “we round them up and put them to work digging ditches for no pay” or “Nice designs; too bad they’re wasted on the homeless.”

Is there really that much hatred for the homeless, or are these just one-off idiots who have lost their head (or have noheart)? A follow-up post received far fewer responses – because it was less controversial, or because it put those first commenters in their place? It seems hard to believe that people will possibly find the most recent post on graffiti murals as Belfast as controversial, but I guess the comments above go to show that you never know.

Legalize Torture – Use This Video

From Guantanamo Bay to Afghanistan, the problem of prisoner torture could be easily solved: put the video below on an endless loop until a suspect cracks and reveals all. If they don’t spill secrets within 24 hours you can rest assured that they are innocent. 2.4 million people have already seen it, apparently without catastrophic side effects, so at least it would be humane. Problem solved:

President Bush: How Low Can He Go?

President Bush’s Approval Ratings

Except for a few spikes from disasters (which Bush largely botched) the President has had a steadily decreasing approval rating virtually since day one. I for one don’t buy the conspiracy theories that suggest he has orchestrated world disasters, but it isn’t hard to see how these have benefited him by slowing his steady decline. If things continue at this rate, he’ll reach zero in no time.