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More Linky Love!

It’s so great to see more and more folks reviewing Web Urbanist, each clearly taking something different from their time spent on the site. I have to say I really enjoy the variety on the site, and how can you go wrong with a site titled Subterranean Homepage News? Sheila adds really solid content to that site very regularly – I would highly recommend adding it to your daily reads! I should add that this isn’t the first time Sheila has written something kind about the site!

Oh, and this guy runs a site about weird websites – it sure is strange, but isn’t everything good on the web a little weird? More linky love soon …

Struggling to go Semi-AFK

So I’ve been working a bit toward slowing down on blogging in order to wrap up some real-life projects that need attention. I’ll be posting a bit less here and in a few other places, but I won’t leave you hanging! Regular readers know I like to hand out link love now again, but tend to link some folks more than others – bloggers I have known for quite a while, worked with, been helped by, helped and so on. Don’t be shy: speak up if I forgot someone!

Today, I’d like to thank John for his interview regarding Romlet and his continued support of the widget as well as his early adoption of it! I’d also suggest checking out Tamar‘s blog, particularly the most recent article regarding problems with Digg. Muhammad is really ramping up his new main site with a vengeance – check it out his interview with the creator of Digpicz.   Be sure to dig deep into Webomatica, you may find some old but applicable articles that are well worth reading. Andy has some great tips for bloggers, and has been helping me come up with monetization strategies for some of the sites I work on via e-mail – thanks Andy, hopefully my blogs get to the point where they can at least pay for their own hosting soon!

Finally, I just recently came across OneMansBlog – a really neat site about, well, everything. I have to admit I have a personal soft spot for blogs that don’t try to niche themselves too much. I recommend looking at the ‘top content’ widget on the right for some interesting stuff! Update: I also just came across a contest on OMB. Normally I don’t really go in for contests (this may be my first), but this one is pretty straightforward: link to OMB (I was doing that already!) and subcribe to the feed via email (that too!).

Since I might be away for a few days or longer, and posting just a few times a week tops, I wanted to make sure this top content roundup stays somewhat sticky – if you’re bored it might be fun to browse ;)

Last Ten Digg Front Page Stories

So some of you might have noticed I’ve been fairly involved with recently, and a surprising number of my recent submissions have hit the front page. Here is a run-down of these recent top hits that span a big spectrum in terms of topics. Each has had between 35K and 70K visitors. Enjoy!

The first of these was fairly contentious (and perhaps poorly phrased), and was buried right upon hitting the front page. It concerned a Digg feature that would help both Diggers and site owners, but the headline was phrased in such a way that Diggers thought it was an attack on Digg. Oh well!

The next post did extremely well, and concerned unusually legal street art – something entertaining and rather broadly interesting and appealing. An apparently misleading article (which I didn’t know at the time) about iPhones wearing out in a few months made number three. A nice post on website design simplicity unfortunatly crashed the target site. People did, in fact, rally behind my call-to-action to save a cool website from a negative change.

Surpringly (to me at least) a fairly entertaining picture collection of tree porn was buried shortly after becoming popular. A nice abandonment photo set on a newer blog did quite well – probably in part because the pictures were original and the story personal. Some Diggers didn’t read the headline on this article, and were disappointed – but it delivered exactly what the headline said: a brilliantly simple and cheap guerilla marketing strategy.

Who could disagree with an article on subversive and illegal guerilla gardening? Apparently other people agree with me that ads on YouTube videos are going too far. If you want to see my most recent top story check this page and vote it up if you like it!

Top 10 Links to the Best Links Online

Consider this the link list to end all linklists – a meta-list of the best link lists I’ve found on the web! Bookmark this page for future reference, or simply click through to the next big thing. The web is endless! Enjoy!

(10) A classic favorite, Fark is undoubtedly the best source on the web for strange, weird and funny news. This is a site full of sarcasm and stupid puns, be warned!

 (9) At SeeHere expect to see something like what you’re seeing, well, here! In short: the links are short but sweet, and there are nicely categorized/grouped sites.

 (8) Want a broader variety of web-buzz? Stumbleupon always provides interesting and offbeat sites voted by users in all kinds of categories.

(7) Ebaumsworld has always been a scandalous site, surrounded by controversy over stolen content, but at the end of the day they still show users wacky videos and fascinating links.

(6) Everyone knows, right? Well, if you don’t, it’s probably the biggest social news site on the web – but it varies from offbeat news to too much tech. Just so you know what you’re getting into!

(5) OK, so, I don’t even know what language this site is in (.hr? anyone?), but they keep linking to me, so I figure they get an honorable foriegn language site mention.

(4) Even though the content is a bit immature and/or scandalous, I suppose it wouldn’t be fair to compile a list of popular linkdumps without mentioning

(3) WebUrbanist has a great category for cool images of all kinds which is worth checking back in on every few days – not updated constantly, but quality is better than quality, right?

(2) Never forget the good old WallStreetFighter, who posts top 10 lists all the time – and old ones can always be found in his archives at any time!

(1) You guessed it – All Sux dot Com is the best site on the web for awesome link lists. This was in NO way biased by the fact that you are currently on All Sux dot Com …

This Week on the Interwebs: Top 10 Links

(10) I really should have guessed that you can fix a scratched CD with a banana.

(9) Bear with the poor video quality, because these are some actually transforming Transformers costumes in action.

(8) A decade is a long time on the interwebs, but one of the first bloggers down under is still going strong with a one-word URL for extra style points!

(7) At the longer end of the style, class and URL length spectrum, who would have thought someone would successfully register a site named ‘Hot Chicks With Douchebags‘ and be successful with it?

(6) Sad but true: many gifted students are just ordinary.

(5) These are some strange looking animals.

(4) Here are 20 science myths you probably will kick yourself about after reading them.

 And this is why you shouldn’t try to win $1 million with a stolen credit card.

(3) How about a top secret link to the most expensive stuff selling on ebay instead?

(2) Before you go, check out these people who can lift islands and light their cigarettes off of the sun.

(1) And don’t forget to see the heated debate around convertible, portable and inflatable homeless shelters.

10 Links to More Stuff That Sux (or Doesn’t)

(10) What kind of idiot tries to sue the Red Cross over its use of a red cross?

(9) Strange but true, some people are really just mirror images of people.

(8) Did you know that you could solve any Rubik’s cube puzzle in just 26 moves? I know I didn’t.

(7) I know I wouldn’t want to be a blind man who stumbled into an all-girl’s biker bar.

(6) Bored at work? Try this beginner’s guide to breaking into buildings that has some amazing images from sewer tunnels and abandoned structures.

(5) Google, though usually evil as we all know, for once seems to have their head on straight in rebutting an argument that they could save energy by making the background black.

(4) See the two-month-old blog that just made the front page of three days in a row.

(3) Is anyone really shocked that breast implants are linked to suicide?

(2) Out of sight, out of mind … President Bush notes that if he hasn’t seen it, clearly the US doesn’t torture people.

(1) Since this link list obviously sux, I highly recommend you go check out a much better top 10 link list.

Tuesday Blues: 7 Hilarious(ly Sad) Links

(7) Oh my, this comic is on fire!

(6) Admittedly, only sad thing about this link is that no one found this ancient fortress sooner – how do you not see something like that?

(5) Should we be surprised that God killed way more people in the Bible than his evil counterpart, Satan?

(4) Though fairly entertaining and well-developed, who has time to waste making a fake trailer for Minesweeper: The Movie.

(3) Did you know that ancient 8-Billion -year-old (er i meant million) bacteria is slowly coming out of ice melting due to climate change – and is being grown by scientists?

(2)Â I just wish that they would add Martians to the list of the 10 strangest things found in space.

(1) Topping it all off this Tuesday is the Worst. Excuse. Ever. – provided by yet another politician caught with his pants down in a public park.


(0) Here are some absolutely amazing image of the 7 Abandoned Wonders of the Postmodern World – simpy must see!

All that Sux in the World: Top Ten Weekend Links

10) I don’t know which of these 8 is the weirdest, but the ice chewers forum and the pornographic Star Trek fanatics are tied in my book.

9) Most people have expected as much for a while, but in case you hadn’t heard it is true: Aquafina is literally glorified tap water.

8) There are a lot of cool things on these here interwebs, but wouldn’t you rather be surfing them with an electromagnetic keyboard with floating keys?

7) It was only a matter of time until someone proved the old saying true by launching a pig into space.
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