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A Moment of Silence

I’d like to take a moment of silence for the lambs. Thank you!

LiveLeak Still Showing False Google Complaint Video?

Many weeks after the initial LiveLeak-not-indexed-by-Google scandal, the site still has a video up where an administrator complains to Google about not being indexed. As it turned out, the situation appeared to be LiveLeak’s fault. One would think they’d stop showing the video, unless it was a ploy all along to bring in more viewers, right? If they insist on showing an out-of-date video that makes them look like martyrs, LiveLeak should at least post a prominent link to an updated video that explains what really happened, right?
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How to Make it Big on Digg: Sell Your Soul

Want to get lots of traffic from It’s easy: just submit an article that is well-written and praises Digg extensively. An article about how Digg has changed the universe is currently the hottest number on the site. Surprise! The article starts with propaganda of the first degree:

“With a very simple concept, has changed the fundamental nature of the news media and how millions of people access information. Digg … democratized the media, and wrenched control of what gets read from the gatekeepers of print and broadcast corporations and gave it to the people. Now, argue about whether this is good or bad, but it’s now a fact of life.”

Meanwhile, what about the voices of those negatively impacted or censored or banned by Digg? They are swept under the carpet unless they exist in such quantity that they can shut down the site altogether. And what about the many ways you can use Digg to your advantage? Beyond the obvious ways to manipulate Digg, there are still rumors of “bury brigades” as well as sites where you can buy, trade or sell Diggs.

People are outraged about how the news has cut out political candidates they deem ‘irrelevant’ while alternative news sources are so full of scandal stories they miss out on the real issues. So, which is worse: covering candidates who (by all estimates) have no chance, or covering only those people? Or how about: a corporate news source we know we can’t trust but that we at least understand or a news source that works in incredibly mysterious ways and seems to censor its critics?

The Program You Are Watching Has Been Interrupted

Ever wonder where the “censored bleep” comes from? It didn’t come into popular use until the 1960’s. Prior to that, most finalized films simply avoided explicit language that would require a bleep. You can download or listen to the censored bleep here. Please enjoying this [BLEEP]ing [BLEEP].


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