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LiveLeak Still Showing False Google Complaint Video?

Many weeks after the initial LiveLeak-not-indexed-by-Google scandal, the site still has a video up where an administrator complains to Google about not being indexed. As it turned out, the situation appeared to be LiveLeak’s fault. One would think they’d stop showing the video, unless it was a ploy all along to bring in more viewers, right? If they insist on showing an out-of-date video that makes them look like martyrs, LiveLeak should at least post a prominent link to an updated video that explains what really happened, right?

Meanwhile, the site (according to a semi-anonymous commenter) apparently contends this was never LiveLeak’s fault in the first place. So why can’t I find a follow-up video on LiveLeak showing how the situation was resolved? If they were really ‘censored’ by Google, wouldn’t they have that up by now? Heck, even if they were right and it was Google’s fault, having a video that suggests LiveLeak isn’t indexed by Google currently (you have to scroll to the comments to figure out this isn’t true anymore) is still misleading!

The top search result for Google Censors Liveleak is still this misleading out-of-date video. Why don’t they remove it? Update it? Write a follow-up and link to it prominently near that video? LiveLeak is, in my opinion, still cashing in on the residual PR value of being unlisted by Google, to the point of misleading people who seek the full story.