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You Do Realize …

… that this is my personal weblog right? I mean, sure, at times I strive to entertain and such, but at the end of the day this is where I dump the leftover contents that simply won’t fit in my brain. Sometimes I post multiple times in a day to get the lead out, and other times I forget to post for days because I’m simply too busy. I rarely get feedback (hint hint, wink wink!) so I trudge along as if no one is listening despite the (apparently insane?) daily visitors and subscribers to this site.

Anyway, so, what am I doing that is distracting me from writing here you may ask? Or you may be asking yourself why you subscribe to such shite, but let’s assume the positive for the moment! Let’s see, well, I’m doing a lot of management, editing and writing for Web Urbanist. I’m also plugging away at new ideas and promotional strategies for Romlet. Most of all, though, I’m trying to finish up my architectural thesis.

OK, let me explain where this self-reflection is coming from: I chatted with someone today and realized that I leave this site scattered around the interwebs as my homepage. Well, it is my homepage of sorts, in more ways than one. It is one of few sites that I manage all by my lonesome. It is also the first blog (heck, website) that I ever owned and operated. In a great many regards this is my home base. It is where I come back to when I want to spew nonsense into the void or have an axe to grind, which also ties back into the original idea behind the domain name (yes, AllSux was a rant blog to begin with!). Don’t we all need a shoutbox of some kind?

I always read over my posts before submitting them for ‘publication.’ However, this is the one site on which I don’t edit myself for run-on sentences, bad grammar, or really most anything else. I read the posts over to make sure I haven’t missed anything. Well, I haven’t! So goodnight!