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Allsux Retrospective Part 1: Helpful & Cool Bloggers

This blog has been running for some time and it’s about time I took stock of things and gave out some thanks and summed some stuff up! So, in the next few posts I’ll be doing some ‘best of’ summaries, but I thought I should start by thanking those around me who have helped this blog get off the ground. In particular, I’m rethinking things having just presented my thesis and having just started WebUrbanist.

First of all, this blog wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for Hoodmonkey and Herebox. These two guys not only gave me the motivation, but they also showed me how to start networking and building this blog. Moreover, they have dutifully commented on even my worst posts and helped me come up with ideas when I couldn’t figure out what to write about next. Hoodmonkey showed me the ropes of networking and keywording, while Herebox set up this blog in the first place and hosted it for free. Thanks guys!

Next I need to thank some of the many great bloggers I’ve ‘met’ online since starting this site. Shane of WallStreetFighter continues to entertain me with his humorous posts and humored me by posting a story for me on his site some time ago – he was also one of the first bloggers to put me on his blogroll! Ilker of TheThinkingBlog has been helpful in terms of giving me advice and feedback (some of which I’m planning to apply to my new blog). Halil of Peoplized has been fun to talk with (and someone I can write in German to!) and Peopleized has just successfully launched. The list goes on but I’d like to also point out Eric Berlin’s blog, Bob Meets World and Modern Life.

I’ve used Digg, Reddit, Delicious, StumbleUpon and other bookmarketing/networking sites – and gotten some traffic that way. However, MyBlogLog has helped me develop lasting connections to other bloggers and blogs much more effectively. So, MyBlogLog has been a great resource allowing me to find other cool bloggers. Also, Eric (founder of MyBlogLog)Â took the time to come here twice and even leave a comment on the site – talk about personalized service. Thanks again Eric!