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All that Sux in the World: Top Ten Weekend Links

10) I don’t know which of these 8 is the weirdest, but the ice chewers forum and the pornographic Star Trek fanatics are tied in my book.

9) Most people have expected as much for a while, but in case you hadn’t heard it is true: Aquafina is literally glorified tap water.

8) There are a lot of cool things on these here interwebs, but wouldn’t you rather be surfing them with an electromagnetic keyboard with floating keys?

7) It was only a matter of time until someone proved the old saying true by launching a pig into space.

6) Are any geeks out there surprised to learn that running BitTorrent sites can lead to being shut down and arrested?

5) Feel free to check out the religious conspiracy theories that drew in over 15 million visitors and crashed a number of sites.

4) After the last YouTube debates, where at least a few real questions were actually answered by participants, it should come as no great shock that two major Republican candidates are refusing to try it themselves.

3) Of course no country is complete until, like Bolivia, they build themselves the world’s biggest salt lick.

2) So much for ‘modern medical technology’ – the world’s oldest prosthetic limb was just discovered on a 3,000 year old mummy.

1) If you managed to visit all of those sites, you’re probably sick of all the ads – might want to check out the top 5 ways to de-commercialize your life!