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Allsux Retrospective Part 1: Helpful & Cool Bloggers

This blog has been running for some time and it’s about time I took stock of things and gave out some thanks and summed some stuff up! So, in the next few posts I’ll be doing some ‘best of’ summaries, but I thought I should start by thanking those around me who have helped this blog get off the ground. In particular, I’m rethinking things having just presented my thesis and having just started WebUrbanist.
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Thesis in T-Minus 36 Hours

That’s right, I’m presenting and defending my master’s thesis in 36 hours. What does this have to do with Absolutely nothing, except that it might explain why I’m not posting for the next day or so! Back with a bang soon, as well as a brand NEW blog.

How much does this blog suck?

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