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Update: What Sucks in the News

Today: Top stories of what sucks in the world. A Medevec nurse was partially sucked through a broken window in an airplane, but managed to hold on and pull himself back in. We all know that it does, but here are some more reasons why digital cable really sucks. Supposedly, politically correct body armor sucks, though I find it hard to believe that less is more when people are shooting at you. Here are some good reasons why waiting in line for an iPhone sucks. Finally, if your love life sucks, you can use this patended wall-climbing robot that uses suction to climb walls to spy on your significant other.

StumbleUpon Sucks – Or Does It?

Oh, wait, no it doesn’t. So why would I write a headline like “StumbleUpon Sucks?” Well, to be honest, I wanted to outrank the idiot who actually thinks that and is sometimes ranked #1 on Google searches for that phrase! UPDATE: this page is now ranked third on Google for StumbleUpon sucks’ – thanks to the power of you Stumblers! Heading for number 1!


In point of fact, StumbleUpon does not suck at all. It is a great tool both for meeting interesting people and for finding amazingly interesting websites. Frankly, I have discovered more interesting graphic design, political commentary and other off-beat sites through StumbleUpon than through many other sucky social news, networking and bookmarking sites.

Why should you believe me? Well, they don’t pay me to say this, so that’s a start. Just download the toolbar and try it yourself. Set some random keywords about stuff you like and come back here and tell me you don’t like it! If you DO like it you might want to link back to this post so it outranks that other one.

Kevin Rose Should Apologize to Online World of Warcraft Community

Pownce was just released – a new brainchild from founder Kevin Rose – who apparently forgot that if he kept things entirely hush-hush there would be a storm of searches when Pownce was announced. As a result, some poor World of Warcraft fan with the user name Pownce is currently having his profile trampled via Google searches for Rose’s new project (for a while it was the number one result). Just one more innocent bystander trampled by the stampeding Digg mobs!

Websites that Really Suck

There are many websites that suck, but fortunately there are always other websites kind enough to compile these into neat and ordered lists of the worst websites in the world – thus giving great PR to the websites that deserve it least! There are also websites that are terrible on purpose as a way to demonstrate just how bad a website really can be. You can even read up on how to intentionally create your own terrible website. Of course, you are already on the worst website of all time.

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