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What Does Your Site or Blog Rank For on Searches?

I was just looking at my Google Analytics page and discovered that is the number 1 site out of 430,000 results for a  search on “victim of plagiarism.” Too funny! So, if you want: leave a comment and let me know what your page comes up for on search engines. If you have any analytics program installed it is easy to find out this information, and you may be surprised at the results you discover! Post them here for fun and a free link!

LiveLeak = 500,000+ Visitors/Day -> Not Indexed by Google? is a sometimes-controversial video-based site which receives over a half-million visitors a day and was, until just now, completely unindexed in Google – because they accidentally told Google not to index their site! The funniest part is that, as of 4 AM PST, their own front page still has a ‘try it for yourself’ link that encourages users to see that they aren’t indexed by Google.

In a rather tragic personal video a depressed-sounding LiveLeak administrator describes how he has been trying to contact Google about this potential act of censorship. Meanwhile, this video has received comments ranging from ranging from “google has stepped out of bounds” to “google is with the government in censoring the internet and they must be stopped!!!” Meanwhile, of course, they were informed (by a friend of mine) of the problem and, as you can see below, have fixed it:

Live Leak Appears to be Leaking Own Brain out of Own Web Page

Even the Wikipedia article on Google censorship contains an (albeit now contested) sub-section pointing out this issue.  How can a site with a half a million visitors a day and numerous web professionals looking into the problem NOT figure this out sooner? Go(d)ogle only knows, but now that they have removed the bot they are sure to get a flood of links from Google. Maybe it was just reverse psychology to begin with :P

Digg’s Long History of Discrimination and Corruption

Breaking news:Â my ‘letter from Digg’ has been copied and put onto not one but two other servers (just that I know of) without permission and are both in the process of being Dugg! Irony? Plagiarism? Whatever. I <3 the interweb.


In other news, Digg finally blocked my IP address – no more commenting for me under pseudonyms: I’ve been ousted from the system for good. Since this whole thing started I’ve been looking into Digg’s past and (excuse the pun) but: I’ve dug up a lot of sh*t on that site.

Probably a lot of you know that you can buy Diggs to drive up your story’s popularity. Some new stats on Wikipedia suggest further corruption. And, of course, Slashdot has already long since written about cases similar to my own. You can check out this blog for an in-depth discussion of some of the many loopholes in the Digg system. Finally, Problogger has some links to various discussions related to Digg issues. And my most recent find: a site dedicated to listing sites of people who were banned from Digg.

Please feel free to link to this article and/or share your comments and personal experiences related to how much Digg sux :)

Digg Director of Operations Admits Breaking Digg Rules, Tells Allsux Administrator to ‘Go Fuck Himself’


In the definitively hottest twist yet in the story of my site’s stolen content, check out an amazingly inflammatory letter from a Digg administrator that reads like he is coming down off a 3-day crack binge. This letter of response to my inquiries concerning plagiarized content on was nothing short of astonishing, using phrases like “we’re sure as shit not going to apologize” and “go fuck yourself” shortly after the administrator admits that is at fault.  For the full story see the three preceding posts. I can only imagine this guy meant to save this to his “draft” bin and sent this by accident! It’s almost hard to believe this all started with a simple humorous post about a bizarre new Google Maps function. Digg definitely sucks a lot more than Google sucks. Please take the time to read the disclaimer regarding the information presented on this site! Oh, and happy Apr1l F00l’s day – this post is completely bogus, though all other posts related to Digg on my site are fully factual (basically I was frustrated at not receiving a response/explanation for being first banned and then having my IP address blocked from – so I made up the response I figured best match what they thought when they read my letter). If you don’t believe my other posts and think ‘he can’t have been banned for this’ or ‘they wouldn’t just ignore him’ then read some of the other stories from reputable sources like Wikipedia, Wired, Problogger and Slashdot posted above. Administrators Ban Victim of Plagiarism

Whoowee! The story gets even better. You might expect that if they received a report of a violation of their own TOS, administrators might ban the violator. Well, in this case, they banned the victim of the violation. On the other hand, it appears that this isn’t the first time.


After I made a number of comments on Digg about my stolen site content, and even submitted a letter of complaint to Digg reminding them of their own stance against plagiarism, administrators saw fit to suspend my Digg account for ‘misuse.’ So, not only have they *not* punished the plagiarist, they’ve now gone so far as to censure the victim of that plagiarism for speaking out about it. In a strange twist, the administrators of the site where the content in question was displayed actually allowed me to post a comment about my concerns. The full story is below in the two following posts.

Allsux Site Content Stolen by Consumerist

Wow, I don’t know whether to be flattered or frustrated – probably should be some combination of the two. After I made my last post I put it up on to see if anyone would find it entertaining and comment on it. But, sure enough, someone posted a version of my previous blog post on their blog. To add insult to injury, they didn’t even pick a different destination for their Google Maps directions search. And worst of all, they already have almost a thousand Diggs and the number seems to grow by a few HUNDRED Diggs every time I check the site. So here is your call to action: UNdigg that story and Digg mine instead.

Republicans Rearranging Deck Chairs on the Titanic

bushmeetblaire2.jpg� � � bushblair3-copy.jpg

With even president Bush admitting that climate change is a sure thing, and the new scrambling for Arctic waterways and other related goods,� the� world’s oceans seem indeed to be the new frontier.� Thank you, Republican leadership! And to all of the rest of you: happy swimming :( Meanwhile, I’m curious to see how well Obama and Clinton will tread water in the coming years :)

If Google Sucks Then Ask is Asking For It

Pretty much anything sucks from someone’s perspective. Some claim that google sux, though this kind of claim is put into a different perspective once you realize what the complaintant is advocating. In a rather ironically revealing twist, Google itself doesn’t seem to discriminate against Ask. Best of all, Google ranks number one for ‘Google Sux.’ At this point feel free to laugh, embrace Google or simply toss your cookies and run to the conspiracy theorists. I would recommend some combination of the above.

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