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Getting Three Stories on Digg’s Front Page: Great. Seeing ‘’ Die From Diggs: Priceless

This is really just too funny. So has a reputation for taking down sites with massive traffic loads, as it just did to WebUrbanist. However, another article currently on the front page specifically addresses load issues. The headline reads: “Traffic generated by Digg’s over 1.2 million famously info-hungry users can crash an unsuspecting website head-on into its CPU, memory, and bandwidth limits. How does Digg handle all this load?”

Irony of all ironies, this website – – itself can’t handle the Digg load. In one single move the site managed to undermine the credibility of its own domain name! Priceless.

One Last Ego Trip Before Returning to Our Regularly Scheduled Rants

OK, so umm … if you’re not reading WebUrbanist, you’re missing out:

WebUrbanist Alexa Stats

Oh, and here’s me on on the members page of MBL. I’m standing on a 40-ton slap of concrete suspended in mid-air¬ at the Burning Man festival¬ … I think about 3 or 4 years ago. No, I’m not wearing a shirt. But no, I am also not naked. Check here for some more amazing photos of Black Rock City.

Meet Derami!

BREAKING: Allsux Author Picked as Hottest Member from 200,000 MyBlogLog Users! Maybe All Doesn’t Sux?

Well I have to say I’m pleased as punch about being selected as the lastest Hot Member on MyBlogLog. This site, for new readers tuning in, this site is filled with assorted randomness, from silly images and¬ strange videos to really weird news. It¬ has taken a lot of big-name internet companies to task, from LiveLeak to Digg¬ and Helium and many others along the way. Possibly the only site I have posted only positive praise about is MyBlogLog.

Why? Because they actually care about the people who use their site, respond to concerns¬ and suggestions¬ promptly and helpfully – and all in order to create an amazing place to find great blogs and cool bloggers. In short: they’re the biggest web company I know of that hasn’t sold out their principles and personal investment in what they do as a result of their success. So yes,¬ ‘all’ does ‘sux’¬ … except MyBlogLog!

So¬ join in the fun and join up here for the AllSux and WebUrbanist communities. Also, a round of applause to Robyn and Eric who have turned MyBlogLog into the best blogging community online! Not a member? Whether you’re a blogger or a blog-reader the best way to find interesting blogs and bloggers online is through MyBlogLog!!!

P.S. No they don’t pay me :)


I would like to thank EVERYONE who helped out by Digging up the last amazing post -¬ it just barely made the front page in the 24-hour window of possibility, and has been getting Dugg up ever since! If you Dugg the article thans :D

Tuesday Blues: 7 Hilarious(ly Sad) Links

(7) Oh my, this comic is on fire!

(6) Admittedly, only sad thing about this link is that no one found this ancient fortress sooner – how do you not see something like that?

(5) Should we be surprised that God killed way more people in the Bible than his evil counterpart, Satan?

(4) Though fairly entertaining and well-developed, who has time to waste making a fake trailer for Minesweeper: The Movie.

(3) Did you know that ancient 8-Billion -year-old (er i¬ meant million)¬ bacteria is slowly coming out of ice melting due to climate change – and is being grown by scientists?

(2)¬ I just wish that they would add Martians to the list of the 10 strangest things found in space.

(1) Topping it all off this Tuesday is the Worst. Excuse. Ever.¬ – provided by yet another politician caught with his pants down in a public park.


(0) Here are some absolutely amazing image of the 7 Abandoned Wonders of the Postmodern World – simpy must see!

How Not to Respond to Someone Who Politely Asks You to Not to Violate Google WebMaster Guidelines and Blatantly Steal Their Website Content

It turns out it is unofficial ‘rant week’ at! Today I noticed that someone had copied and pasted an entire article from WebUrbanist (a site I contribute to and edit for) and pasted it on their blog. This included all links and images associated with the original, without any changes whatsoever. Now, Google frowns heavily upon duplicate content on the web, and often penalizes one or both sites containing extensive duplicate content. With that in mind, I contacted the site owner as politely (but firmly)¬ as possible to request its removal. If you are uniterested in reading this, I recommend strongly you stop reading this … now!
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OK, so ummm I have about 8 billion spam comments right now … and if you’ve been commenting and it hasn’t shown up, please don’t worry. I normally enable Askimet to filter stuff, but I’m working on a post showing my funniest, strangest and most obnoxious comments (hi, this is Allsux!). So basically: if your comment hasn’t made it through the net, don’t despair – I’ll be scanning them all soon, and if you’re a spammer you’ll get a great post (sans your spam links) and if not you’ll be published as usual.

It’s Official: Technorati has Ranked All Sux dot Com the #1 Blog in the Universe

Technorati, the definitive blog-ranking website in the world, has done the unthinkable and ranked the number one blog in the world!

Best Blog in the Universe

OK OK, so to be fair, Technorati is bugged and appears to be rating EVERY blog number 1. So, take this opportunity, take a screenshot, and make your own post about it!

Do People Really Hate the Homeless?

Recent posts on Web Urbanist have been getting all sorts of insane comments. Some commenters on a post about creative urban homeless shelters left great and productive feedback, while others suggested things like “we round them up and put them to work digging ditches for no pay” or “Nice designs; too bad they‚Äôre wasted on the homeless.”

Is there really that much hatred for the homeless, or are these just one-off idiots who have lost their head (or have noheart)? A follow-up post received far fewer responses – because it was less controversial, or because it put those first commenters in their place? It seems hard to believe that people will possibly find the most recent post on graffiti murals as Belfast as controversial, but I guess the comments above go to show that you never know.

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