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Reprinting Weird Blog Comment

 Why anyone would go to all of this trouble to post an obviously off-topic spam post is beyond me. But then again: a lot of strange things get caught in the Askimet web!


So here’s [b][url=]Heather Locklear[/url][/b] on the beach playing football, flirting, and generally acting young. And while her body is still in great shape, the signs of ageing are starting to show. Most notably in her face, where it seems she skipped her last Botox appointment (or maybe her face-lift could use a little tightening).

Sadly, she’s also showing signs of getting older in her arms and legs, where she’s starting to get a bit of that “old lady waddle.� In fact, the only place it looks as though she hasn’t aged is around her [BLEEP], which are still remarkably perky (though the reason for that is probably an easy guess.)

If you need more help making you decision, check out these [b][url=]Heather Locklear bikini pictures[/url][/b], nude [BLEEP] and [BLEEP], as well as the rest of this set after the jump.