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Get Paid to Write Articles Online with Associated Content – Without Creating or Cluttering Your Own Blog

There are a lot of ways to get paid online, but I have earned by far the most money writing short articles for Associated Content. How does it work? Well, Associated Content pays between $3 and $50� per 400-word article on virtually any subject, so long as it doesn’t duplicate content they already have. Not only that: they pay a per-page-view bonus after the article is published – so you keep earning money every time it is viewed! Sound easy? Well it is – you just make sure no one has written on a subject, from breaking news to obscure hobbies, and then write it and submit it for cash.

All articles I have been paid to write for Associated Content have been on subjects I know something about and enjoy. I did very little or no research for many of them – simply writing quickly off the top of my head.� Some� of these articles took as little as 10 minutes to write, which at an average of over $5/article amounts to as much as $30/hour or more– not bad for being paid to write about stuff I know and like.

Why is this better than other pay-to-write sites or sites that pay people to write on their blogs? You pick the topic, you write when you want and what you want, and you don’t have to clutter your blog with it if it happens to be off-topic (which can happen with sites like Pay-Per-Post). Also, Associated Content often pays better than sites like Helium or Triond. However, if you do want to reuse the article on your blog you can simply submit it as ‘non-exclusive’ and you retain the right to reprint it!

I recommend writing two or three articles right off the bat. Spend more time on one, less on another. Write about a few different subjects.� Basically: test the waters, see what subjects pay more right away and you’ll quickly start earning more and more for each new article. My most recent article earned $8 up front, and earned another $2 in the first week after it was published from people reading it!� from people reading the article!� So, do us both a favor and sign up now to earn money with Associated Content.