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Get Paid to Write to Write About What You Want

Associated Content offers both up-front payments (from $3-$50)� as well as payments per page view (currently: $1.50 per 1000 views). Submitting content as ‘exclusive’ (meaning: you agree not to republish it elsewhere) can mean a higher up-front offer, but submitting ‘non-exclusive’ is safer if you are considering reusing the same material elsewhere. Getting paid by Associated Content is quick and easy: they have no minimum payout and use PayPal to submit earnings at least once a week. Also, they allow writers to write on virtually any subject, so long as that subject hasn’t been covered on the site already (though some subjects can be covered from various perspectives).

So, in short: you can get paid to write articles that are targetted mostly for Associated Content, which pays the most and has a good community of writers associated with it. First, though, you can submit those articles to Triond and potentially get some extra per-page-view earnings. After submitting to those sites, you can add your articles to your blog or another site with ads or other sources of revenue.