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Crackheads on Halloween – No, For Real!

OK, so, while my housemates went out Christmas caroling as zombies (fairly hilarious!) I stayed at home to take care of some stuff and hand out candy. Well, exactly one person came to the door while I was home. Yes, as the headline suggests, it was a crackhead. A young guy in his early twenties wearing dark pants and a hoody (with the hood up) came up with a nondescript paper grocery bag. He said “trick or sweet” which made, of course, no sense. I was a little worried to turn my back on the door and grab the bag of Jolly Ranchers but I figured if I was going to die it might as well be under strange circumstances. Anyway, I threw in a handful, fairly speachless, and bid him a good evening. I wonder how many other people in the neighborhood he confused and entertained.