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More Crackheads? With Guns?

So I could make this a long story, or a short one. It’s late, so I’ll opt for the latter. Long story short: someone walked by, asked a few questions from the street, and cops drove by and arrested him. His questions seemed, well, off – like he was trying to avoid suspicion by blending in with the local population. The cops stopped him even though he appeared to be talking to us (myself and the others out front).

A cop came by a few minutes later, asked if we knew the guy. He also informed us the guy was carrying a gun, which may have been used earlier in the day to fire 7 shots around the corner – a revenge-shooting for some gang activity south of town. I happened to have been around when those shots were fired. He also took a moment to inform us we live in a ‘bad neighborhood.’

Do we? Really? Most of the crackheads are nice folks. No one has shot at me or in my general direction. Hard to say. What do you think? I suppose its time I added a ‘crackhead’ tag to this blog.