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When in Doubt, Write About Crackheads

Sometimes I get into a bit of a writing slump, or am simply stretched too thing between various projects. However, with my new place of residence I’ve found there’s always a wealth of potential material (literally) right outside my door. The only unfortunate part is that I don’t have video capability to actually record what goes on. Hope text is a bit entertaining at least.

Sometimes I sit on my porch with a laptop watching the world go by, or I sit at my desk near a window on the second floor looking out. At least once a day I see what appears to be crackheads and dealers going about their business.

IÂ walked to the corner store the other day to buy a bottle of wine. There was a car pulled over with a cop car behind it. I walked into the store, which was across the street from this scene. There was a group of kids (late teens or early twenties) whispering not-quietly-enough about whether or not they had run into the store too fast when the cops pulled that guy over outside. They were also blaming one another for potentially calling attention to themselves.

Also in the last few days I heard a gunshot outside, though I couldn’t see from where. Two kids scurried off quickly into the night in front of the house. Other times there are cars parked outside with tinted windows. People come and go from these cars, and I can see lighters being sparked inside of them. I suppose it’s theoretically possible they’re just smoking cigarettes. Anyway: crackheads. Always something new.