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10 Links to More Stuff That Sux (or Doesn’t)

(10) What kind of idiot tries to sue the Red Cross over its use of a red cross?

(9) Strange but true, some people are really just mirror images of people.

(8) Did you know that you could solve any Rubik’s cube puzzle in just 26 moves? I know I didn’t.

(7) I know I wouldn’t want to be a blind man who stumbled into an all-girl’s biker bar.

(6) Bored at work? Try this beginner’s guide to breaking into buildings that has some amazing images from sewer tunnels and abandoned structures.

(5) Google, though usually evil as we all know, for once seems to have their head on straight in rebutting an argument that they could save energy by making the background black.

(4) See the two-month-old blog that just made the front page of three days in a row.

(3) Is anyone really shocked that breast implants are linked to suicide?

(2) Out of sight, out of mind … President Bush notes that if he hasn’t seen it, clearly the US doesn’t torture people.

(1) Since this link list obviously sux, I highly recommend you go check out a much better top 10 link list.