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MyBlogLog Tagging – Friend or Foe?

MyBlogLog New Tagging - Add a Tag for Me, See if I Care!

MyBlogLog has added a new feature (on top of the recently-added Twitter) that allows people to tag blogs with key words or phrases. While this might sound like a good way to find blogs you are interested in, the move has come under fire by some critics. Basically, the worry is that people will tag blogs with negative key phrases like “spammer” and so on.

I have to wonder, though, is that really going to matter? On the one hand, would you trust someone who labeled someone else a spammer? What if a conservative blogger got tons of spammer tags, or a liberal one? Wouldn’t you just assume that the person was drawing fire from people with different opinions?

It seems to me like: the more ways to navigate MyBlogLog the better. For a great while now, a MyBlogLog widget has been my only interactive blog widget on the site. I like seeing who visits and bouncing from blog to blog on the MyBlogLog site as well. Anyway, only time will tell and hopefully they’ll modify the feature if it gets abused.