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Some Blogs to Watch Out For

It’s been too long since I gave out some link love, and sorry long-time blogger buds but I’m going to stick to new blood on this one! Here are some newer bloggers (or at least newer to me!) who I think you should take some time and check out:

You absolutely must see this blog with ghostly images of abandoned places and narrative subtitles – it is a bit like watching a movie the way the images tell the story. The site is brand new but sure to gain some momentum fast.

This cool blogger is looking for some folks for a digital artistic collaboration – strictly non-profit good-for-the-soul stuff, and make no mistake: she has creativity to burn (maybe I can get her to redesign this craptastic blog for me someday).

Joe over at Arsenal Marketing is working hard at things, and I expect that (with some link-love from yours truly!) he’ll be in good shape for his first PR update. I’m not a big fan of blogs-about-blogging-and-money in general but he seems like a standup guy- and nice blog redesign Joe!

Spintega is an old pal o mine, well, online anyway, and he just got a website sort of up and running. He’s a real whiz at design and whipped up that page design in a few short minutes.

Romlet isn’t a blog or blogger or anything like that, but a brand new blog widget for boasting and boosting popularity. It’s kind of like the MyBlogLog widgets, a FeedBurner stats counter, and other stuff all rolled into one. If you have a blog – you need a Romlet (mine’s right over there! ->)

There’s someone else I’m supposed to give some link love too but I can’t find his URL for the life of me – I swear he has a disallow->Google in his index.php because I can’t find him anywhere on the interwebs. So if you’re out there, and mad because I’m not giving you link love, lemme know!