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Rox the Sux

This site rox the sux, which, according to the Urban Dictionary¬ means it “excells in that which is undesireable” and “contains undesireable characteristics.” It is also “believed to have undesireable origins.” I think this fits all of the above.

Certainly this blog is really good at being bad – some posts are so confusing even I don’t know what I’m talking about. It also contains¬ flaws left and right¬ – just look around at the haphazard and ever-growing categories and terrible design!¬ Worst of all,¬ the only reason I started this site was because I realized that the domain wasn’t taken and I have a 6-letter-domain fetish. Yet here it is, with regular readers and high ranks all around. How crazy is that? Uhh, thanks!