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WTF is up with WTF? OMG WTF is GOING ON?

I have to admit, this is a pretty clever use of the Technorati WTF tool. Still, using WTFs only for self-promotion does seem a bit underhanded, at least so long as you like and respect Technorati as a real source of information! Right? But wait, I WTF-ed this article about WTFs! OMG WTF is going on! On that note, vote here to WTF this WTF … think of it is a meta-WTF to raise awareness about WTFs like this. I’ll redirect all of this traffic to Technorati anyway – a great site people should use to look for better sites than this one!

Final tip: clean up your WTFs periodically. I write a WTF every few days at least, but some of them get no votes or become too outdated to be relevant. That’s a subjective decision, of course, but I think cleaning away WTFs that don’t make sense anymore is a good policy. A few of my WTFs still standing might be deleted soon as a result. This goes double, in my opinion, for WTFs that lead to someone else’s site – you don’t want to potentially drive away readers with links to material they aren’t putting out there themselves.