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What is New Today in the World of ‘Sucks’

THIS IS NOT A BANNER AD – believe it or not (read the fine print).Yes This is a Real Ad - No I Do Not Get Paid if you Click ItÂ

Our lead story today is about a vacuum cleaner that uses ultraviolet radiation to assassinate germs while it sucks. Stay tuned for the follow-up story in two weeks when owners sue after becoming infertile or otherwise dysfunctional!

Apparently an ABC sitcom based on the annoying cavemen featured in GEICO commercials really sucks. A television show based around a series of 15-second commercials? Even a caveman could do it! Much more interesting: a futuristic science-fiction movie in which the fat is literally sucked out of people to fuel their cars.

Finally, a story of controversy about the word ‘sucks’ itself – with a cartoon! Also: I am truly sorry – I suck for not posting for the last three full days (longest gap since my little trip to Mexico a few months back!). My bad – thanks for staying tuned while I re-tuned things!

 P.S. I would like to thank a recent spammer for posting some interesting information about how to get prescription drugs online! I tracked back the post and discovered they were using this page as a home base. What I find particularly funny is that the chair of a department of “Information Systems” would not notice his website being used as a launchpad by spammers.