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Let’s Get Ready to Stumble!!!

 I Stumbled and I Can't Get Up

 Are you ready to StumbleUpon and be Stumbled Upon?
(1) If you like this site, stumble – not the subpage this post is on!
(2) Leave me a comment with your StumbleUpon name
(3) I will Stumble your page if I find it worthy of Stumblage
(4) If not, no harm done. I’ll let you know you can UnStumble me
(5) Copy this post and paste it on your blog – remove any blogs you don’t like personally from the list, and add new blogs you do like. Stumble them! As word spreads, more people will have a chance to Stumble your blog (and mine!) if they like them ;)

You should Stumble these sites:

Original Stumbles:
Satirical and bizarre: AllSux
The entertaining WallStreetFighter
Insightful and fun, TheThinkingBlog
The story of BobMeetsWorld
Thouhts from an OnlineMediaCultist

My New Stumbles:
The best of TheWrongAdvices
Tips from a Blog About Money
Get Peopleized
Worship TheCultofBlog
The blog of

Site submission format: or simply use the Stumble toolbar cartoon speech-bubble when on the site in question! Also: be sure to leave an informative review and/or tags as these will help other Stumblers find sites of interest to them.

PLEASE NOTE: this is not a StumbleExchange type system. Bloggers on this list and I are interested in meeting cool Stumblers with neat sites, not building traffic for poor pages! Exchanging Stumbles blindly compromises the quality of StumbleUpon and violates their Terms of Service. Happy Stumbling!