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Digg Director of Operations Openly Supports Plagiarism.

You know, every time I think this story is over, it gets (amazingly) better. So, I posted a fake April Fools joke image of a ranting e-mail from ‘Digg Director of Operations Steve Baker’ addressed to me in which he swears and curses profusely (there is no such person, but there is a DoO Scott Baker). A user stole the image from my site and, without citing my site as its source, reposted it and submitted it to Pure and unquestionable plagiarism – against policy. Now that plagiarized post is *at the top* of Scott Baker’s Digg list. If there was any question in your minds, dear readers, that Digg endorses plagiarism, it should now be vanquished. If you think this is an April Fool’s joke, you can visit his Digg list to verify my claims.

digg-director-of-operations-scott-baker-endorses-plagiarisim.jpg plagiarized-image-from-my-site.jpg