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Digg’s Long History of Discrimination and Corruption

Breaking news:Â my ‘letter from Digg’ has been copied and put onto not one but two other servers (just that I know of) without permission and are both in the process of being Dugg! Irony? Plagiarism? Whatever. I <3 the interweb.


In other news, Digg finally blocked my IP address – no more commenting for me under pseudonyms: I’ve been ousted from the system for good. Since this whole thing started I’ve been looking into Digg’s past and (excuse the pun) but: I’ve dug up a lot of sh*t on that site.

Probably a lot of you know that you can buy Diggs to drive up your story’s popularity. Some new stats on Wikipedia suggest further corruption. And, of course, Slashdot has already long since written about cases similar to my own. You can check out this blog for an in-depth discussion of some of the many loopholes in the Digg system. Finally, Problogger has some links to various discussions related to Digg issues. And my most recent find: a site dedicated to listing sites of people who were banned from Digg.

Please feel free to link to this article and/or share your comments and personal experiences related to how much Digg sux :)